Friday, March 07, 2008

Why I Podcast...

My podcasting efforts yield about 10-12 Email per day, from people all over the world that have found their way to one of the now many podcast efforts I've had the privilege to be involved with - and I have to tell you - in addition to the extra dollars it creates for me to pour back into the overall effort, it's like having a delicious piece of chocolate every time I get one.

This evening while creating the next TERMINATOR Overcast for Overcast Media in Seattle, I got another great, luscious piece of feedback and I thought I'd share a bit of the over-my-shoulder action from it.

It's from a gentleman named Cliff in New York regarding our TERMINATOR Podcast - and Cliff - you made my night.

Enjoy the post and please feel free to send more to me. It's a great way to even up the long hours spent to create a continuing listing of quality podcast content.

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Message Subject: 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast

How Did You Find Us: From a Google Search

The Message: First I would like to say that you guys are awesome. Listening to the podcasts makes my driving around fun again. I look forward to every installment.Great Job! I just received T2 : Infiltrator from It is so far absolutely amazing. I would love for you guys to start reviewing some of the books. I found all of the them on Most are out of print, but second hand is just fine. It would wood also be fun for you guys to go back in time to review the V mini series and V the final battle. The new book V The Second Generation just came out by Kenneth Johnson, the original creator. Let me know what you guys think.

Cliff -- Brewster, New York

Reply from Mike Wilkerson - 2GuysTalking Podcast Host:

You'll laugh at this, but in one of the TERMINATOR Podcasts and several of our 24 Podcasts, I talk about how I like "working" with STAR TREK II playing in the background. Well - we've heard from about 50 people just like you that WE are what's being listened to while people (work, drive,run, relax, sit out back on the deck, sit at a daughters basketball practice/swim practice - god, just about everything) do things and frankly - it's cathartic :)

I am very happy that we give you something that you look forward to listening to. Something else that I tell many people that contact us is that there is an episode of the Award-winning mini series "Band of Brothers" called "Why We Fight." It basically and succinctly illustrates why we entered into and had to win WWII. While I won't compare the success of WWII to my Podcasting, yours and other letters like it are "Why I Podcast." I'm bridging people all over the world in a common purpose and providing satisfaction and doing that is just so ultra-goddam satisfying that I can hardly type fast enough to explain it :)

You're going to laugh at this but when I received your Email on my handheld I was looking at "The Big Comic Book Database" online for TERMINATOR-based comic books. While I wasn't looking at that comic, I was looking at a variety of books including several that I bought this afternoon from and I'd thought about approaching the books to fill the wait for the next season. Between the summer movies and something like these, we'd have our hands full for sure. I thought that something that might make things like this more appealing and provide a built-in audience is to go over some of the books WITH listeners to let them provide THEIR viewpoint about the books. Just like we did with the T3 review, we're always about providing viewpoint to people to encourage others to get in the game of entertainment. Do you have any interest in potentially co-hosting a review of a comic in a series of TERMINATOR-based comics that would provide our listenership with something that reviews a book here and there?Let's talk more about that.

Again, let me know and as always, thanks for making looooong hours of hard work and sacrifice pay off for a guy that just likes to talk about movies,DVDs and more...Cheers, friend!


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