Monday, December 17, 2007

Ahh, the Whitewater River of Hollywood...

I have to give Hollywood one thing in particular - regularly. I am always appreciative of the things I have when news arrives from the netherrealm of celebritydom.

In the headlines of CNN just now, it was announced that (insert drum-roll.wav) newlyweds Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are divorcing after a lackluster and expected short 9 weeks together.

In an earlier post today, I mentioned my wife and our relationship and it is simply beyond me how people that should have so much more experience, caution and realllly pot-holed over-the-Hollywood-road travel can continue to jump feet-first into holes of consequence.

There are bad experiences that you didn't expect and then there's "I'm an idiot" and Pamela and the lackeys she attracts are pegs that regularly fall into the latter hole. Speaking of holes...

For those that don't remember, Pamela Anderson had married Rick Salomon whose claim to fame was having sex with Paris Hilton on videotape.

That's would have made an interesting Christmas card.

A note to just about everyone on the planet - I recommend a "deeper" review one one's personal skills and personality traits before getting married. :)

Enjoy the read via the link below and though I just told her when I dropped her off at work recently, "I love you, Gloria!" :)

Source: CNN.Com


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