Monday, August 20, 2018

Ahh how the time, media and years pass. I haven't "Grabbed the Wheel" in a long time, but life has gotten more than busy in the land of Wilkerson. Since writing last, the podcast business and industry in general has exploded. Whether it's the general podcast creation and promotion efforts of The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network (Website, Facebook, Twitter), my voiceover academy over at The Voice Farm (Facebook, Twitter), my audio editing academy The Editor Corps (Facebook, Twitter), or our soon-to-be-launched audio hosting service, The Podcaster Matrix (Facebook, InstagramTwitter) the world of audio capture, edit and promotion in the St. Louis area is wonderfully busy.

I'm eager to collect and help to convey the perspectives of all of the new and current customers I work with to be sure.

My personal life has also been a very strange atmosphere mostly because both of my parents have died since my last writing. Their absence has helped me to understand not just how much impact they had on my day-to-day goings-on, but also on exactly how much time I spent speaking to both of them. My Father (the original creator of The Voice Farm concept and genuinely righteous dude) was at least an Email and phone call a day (more when memoir-creating business-based moments struck me) and my Mom - well, she loved to chat with my (at the time of this writing) 15-year-old daughter, Jade, who always talked about what Daddy and Grammy talked about.

The impact is profound, but I enjoy the fact that both of them were incredibly transparent with me about their lives, their pasts, their thoughts and what they would want when the day came that they were gone.

With them both gone now - while many times the day feel decidedly hollow, they both live on in me and inspire me to help others create the same legacy, impact and perspectives that I create with all of the work I do. From my 9-5 where I've just celebrated 20 outstanding and rare years, to everything in regard to the audio-editing world and more, I am terribly appreciative of both of them, the lives that they made for themselves, and the ones that they have helped me craft for my family and those I touch. Thank you, Fred and Renee' - I literally have no idea where I'd be without you.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The 24Podcast Reviews...
Season 9 - Hour 1 - 11a-12p

24 has traversed now 8 complete seasons and now, a ninth and truly final season appears. Set in London, England, it's a true look into foreign soil with characters, traits and details that are still incredibly familiar, along with a familiar lead hero, Jack Bauer. It's been a long four-plus years, but it's time to strap on a man-purse, load up your favorite handgun, make sure we got extra mags and at least several friends that can hack the planet because it's time for the 24 Podcast Review of Season 9, Episode 1, 11a-12p here on the resumption of The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast.
Listen to the 2GuysTalking: "24-in-60+!"
A quick and humorous recamp of this episode of 24:

Advertisements Featured Inside This Episode:
-- The Matrix Perspective Review - 15 Years After Taking the Blue Pill
-- The Voice Farm Voiceover Academy - A Company that is Truly Outside the Box from the Voice Box!
-- GalaxyCast: - STAR WARS Reviews of All Kinds and More!
-- Sprint's RelayMissouri - A Video Relay Company
-- Agents of SHIELD Podcast - Reviewing Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on ABC
-- The Conspiracy Agents - It Takes More Than One to Make the Case
-- Sovereign Arms, LLC - Life is Sacred, Learn to Protect It
- Dynamic Firearms Training & More

You'll Find the Spider-Man: at 3:04PM...

I can remember when I was 6 years old, living in the outskirts of Chicago in a town called "Schaumburg." Back then, while it still was home of the "Largest Mall in America", there were still many cornfields that surrounded the Versailles Apartments. The largest and nearest playground (right behind the building that my parents and I lived in) was made up of a basketball court, a series of jungle gyms and a field, that weren't only the places we'd escape to - there were the transformation platforms for Brett, Joong,  Billy, Reggie, Ginny and I. "To Transform into WHAT?" you ask? Superheroes - that's what.
We all had our favorites: Brett was ALWAYS Superman. Joong chose Batman more than he chose Captain America. Brothers Bill and Reggie would choose Batman and Robin when Joong would take the Captain America route, and then change-out to Iron Man and Thor when Joong chose the Dark Knight's cowl. Ginny was the prettiest blonde Wonder Woman, and I - well they all avoided the role that only one of us could truly fill each week in our urban field of imagination: I would of course be SPIDER-MAN.
It wasn't a hard choice. Each day during the school year, I'd run home to get home before 3:04pm, to watch (what I eventually learned were something called "syndicated re-runs of) Spider-Man (The Animated series) on Channel 32, WFLD. Each day, I'd arrive inside my parents apartment, shed my backpack and windbreaker randomly to the floor, turn on the wood-grained tube, tune into Channel 32, tune my voice and begin singing the jazzy action durge that oozes excitement.
Each episode was filled not only with adventure, not only action, but lessons imparted with truth, justice and "responsibility" - as well as some good old dramatic cheese that was better than anything I could possibly put on a cracker. Two sets of commercials could come way too fast back then, but - indian-style in front of each and every episode of Spider-Man made for more than an incentive to keep a child's attention during the school year or otherwise.
We are on the cusp of yet another incarnation of everyone's favorite webhead launching inside of America's theaters, in front of thousands of children and adult eyes - some for the first time - others like me, adding to the yarn that began being spun so many moons ago. Regardless of where you might stand in the rung of times ladder, you too probably feel the excitement not only in the air, but in life. The anticipation builds as Peter, Gwen Stacy, Captain Stacy and a certain aunt and uncle I've known as long as any of my REAL aunt and uncles prepare to lure me into the local cinema to spin webs and stories that will keep the fire of Spider-man Fandom alive. Recently, one of my 2GuysTalking co-hosts, David Carite and I, finished another of our great "Perspective Reviews", that go back and visit the 2002 feature film "Spider-Man", directed by Sam Raimi that provide you not only a great review of the film, but also talk about the hype we remember about the film, where we saw it, the money that it made, but also where we think the franchise is going. It's another great entry, as sure and as satisfying as any of the comic book s I read when I was a kid and embodies the spirit of anyone's love of superheroes.
Take a moment to click the links below to listen not only this first great Perspective Review of the 2002 classic starring Tobey MaGuire that was just one of the many great dips you can take to experience some of the same feelings I did with my friends in a playground so many years ago, with my friends from NOW.
Click Here to View the Entire 2GuysTalking SPIDER-MAN Perspective Review Series Episodes
Click Here to Listen to The 2GuysTalking Perspective Review of Spider-Man (2002)
I'm certain that when you're done listening, you'll be ready to join the cavalcade of memories and comment about YOUR experience below - in the comments section.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Don't Know Nothing About Pots - But Bob Caldart Sure Did...

I've never had any experience with POT, but pots? Well, even that, I didn't have a lot of experience with 'em except to make a few in high school with the man that knew pots, kilns, art and teaching like nobody's business - Bob Caldart. Mr. Caldart wasn't just a teacher in high school for me ( Brookfield Central High School ), he was the conveyor of life and the man that first taught me how to deconstruct the pieces of huge projects to make them smaller ones to make a (better) whole, quality project.

 I just learned that Mr. Caldart died this weekend and it made me think of all of the other teachers I still know and chat with now ( the irrepressible Steve Isackson for example) that have truly had a huge impact on my life. I smell a significant blog post on the near horizon.

Who did YOU carry on though high school into your adult life and do you still chat with 'em? Talk about them all here and here's a giant tip of the giant chess piece to Mr. Bob Caldart. You sir, were a true original and will be missed.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Fishy Story that Doesn't Smell! Dock Talk Satisfies Again!

For those of you that only think that fishing is for the folks that grab a pole, beers and head out onto the water, there's clearly a side of Fishing that you're - well - ignorant about. In the last year, I've been graced with an outstanding and now very popular outdoors/Tournament Bass Fishing program called Dock Talk, that provides not only some great conversation - even for those of us that AREN'T fisherman, but some TRUE education that helps you understand not only the science of fishing, but the pride, precision and finesse that fishing of this kind (and frankly, most) requires.

Click Here to Visit Dock Talk with Glenn Wells via The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network

Take a few minutes to listen to the most recent episode of Dock Talk, where host Glenn Wells welcomes Larry Thompson from O'Fallon, MO's own Bullseye Bait & Tackle and begin to understand that it's not just "Beer, Bait and Boredom" when it comes to fishing. These gents are bringing home thousands (and in the professional realm, 10's of thousands) in winnings for catching fish - show me the hobby that YOU dedicate yourself to that offers the same. Enjoy the most recent episode of Dock Talk on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network and be sure 'Like' and to tell them what YOU think on Facebook!

Dock Talk - Glenn Wells - Fall Patterns, October 2011
Joined by:  Jim Kelley, Larry Thompson from Bullseye Bait & Tackle and Will/Kristopher Meyers
- Tell Us What You Think!
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While it's s till warm, there's no doubt that the Fall is here. Grand fishing events continue to stack anticipation, cash and fanfare as the leaves change and Dock Talk welcomes Larry Thompson from Bullseye Bait & Tackle, and cash-counting Will/Kristopher Meyers this week. Learn more about some great custom baits Larry brought along, the cash that Will/Kristopher earned, and more tips, tricks and secrets than will change the way YOU fish, especially in the fall! Listen to it all in this episode of Dock Talk recorded live via The 2GuysTalking East Studio in historic downtown St. Charles, MO!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The DEXTER Podcast - Season 6 Episode 2, Reviewed!

The 2GuysTalking: DEXTER Podcast
A Review of Season 6, Episode 2- Once Upon a Time

Two episodes in, and it's story time not only on DEXTER on Showtime, but on the 2GuysTalking DEXTER Podcast! Once upon a time - hey isn't that the title of the episode?

It's a quick, short and sweet story, particularly so for those who are Deb fans during this episode - episode 2 of DEXTER. Will everyone live happily ever after? Will the Big Bad Wolf blow more houses down? It's time, for the second episode of Season 6 Review of DEXTER on Showtime, via the 2GuysTalking DEXTER Podcast, recorded live inside of 2GuysTalking East Studios, LIVE, in historic St. Charles, Missouri!
Once upon a time there was a serial killer, named DEXTER. Dexter and his police friends lived in a Miami Dade County Police department, where DEXTER would spend his daytime hours, finding and detailing clues as to who killed people. During the night time, DEXTER would spend his evening hours - killing people - and making sure that no one would ever find the bodies.

Listen to this Episode of the DEXTER Podcast
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Whirlwind True Blood Season Ends - with a BANG!

The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking
A Review of True Blood - Season 4, Episode 12 - "When I Die"

It's the TRUE DEATH - of Season 4 of HBO's Vampire + Werewolf + Werepanther + Witch + Cliffhanger + Did-that-just-happen television series, True Blood! What was the shocking ending everyone was talking about? Did he return of figures from long gone provide satisfaction? Has True Blood seen it's worst season? What can we expect in Season 5? All of those answers and so much more await you in this season-ender, opinion-ridden review from 2GuysTalking! It's The 2GuysTalking Fangbanger Podcast's Review of Season 4, Episode 12, "And When I Die"! Tell us what you think!

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Click here to listen to our review of Season 4, Episode 12: "And When I Die..."

Monday, July 04, 2011

What are 2GuysTalking Up 2?

Greetings everyone!
If you've found yourself here you've undoubtedly linked to us from one of the man 24-based projects we've worked on over the years. As the original 24 Podcast, we've benefited from a huge fan base that has followed us to our on-going feature film perspective reviews, and also all of the new projects we've taken on since 24 ended in May of 2010.

Read on below for a listing of projects that we've initiated since then and please do ask questions, follow those projects on Twitter and and 'Like' the efforts on Facebook. We built The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network on your input and we're eager to continue the traditions, the interactivity and fun that has propelled us for 7 years. With your help, we're confident we can do 7 more and beyond. Thanks for reading and we look forward to your input!

-- The DEXTER Podcast via Showtime:

During the fall of 2010, we had the pleasure of creating The 2GuysTalking Perspective Review of "TOY STORY", following all three movies and reveling in The Hype, The Money, The Good, The Bad, the Rating and an introspective look at The Franchise in general. Brad Hogenmiller, the Toy Story Perspective Co-host had mentioned another great program that had "terrific writing" and a very special ability to "hook" it's audience - even though the program was about a serial killer. Not long after finishing the Toy Story Perspective Review series, we launched "The DEXTER Podcast", providing more great week-to-week, bulletpointed review in the same style as our popular 24Podcast.Com effort. It was a hit. With another massive audience following our effort each week, hosts Mike Wilkerson & Brad Hogenmiller, once again had created another flavor of fan interaction that continues on to this day. Currently, you can listen to (and watch Raw Video Feed Capture) of The DEXTER Podcast, providing a complete Perspective Review of DEXTER's wonderful, best season, Season 4. The writing, the acting, the imagination and "hook" are magnificent and we're proud to be able to follow it all for our fans. Check out The DEXTER Podcast from 2GuysTalking now on the web, and on Facebook!

-- The Fangbanger Podcast via HBO:

Let's face it. 2GuysTalking Creator Mike Wilkerson has never been a fan of the general horror genre. 2GuysTalking hasn't - to date - ever reviewed a horror film. While there are horror-initiated moments in the silver screen and television that move the meter, the vast majority of current horror offerings involve something metal being shoved into someone's vital parts and a subsequent "cheese casserole squishing" sound. Bo-Ring. In April of 2011, Mike and Perspective Review podcaster David Carite had a discussion about another "little program" called True Blood - a visit to the imaginary, sleepy, Louisiana town of Bon Temps where you could get some great pie at Merlotte's Bar and Grill. Oh, and by the way, vampires are real. Complete with their own new "law" and unmatched "cliffhanger*" endings, the 1st season viewing of True Blood hooked the powers that be immediately. David, an avid fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books (that are the foundational story and push for True Blood), as well as a weekly-watcher of all things True Blood is now the host of "The Fangbanger Podcast - Appreciating All Thangs with Fangs". Mike who has seen only the first season, but is catching up rapidly via HBOGOs technology online, provides an uncommonly original flavor. Who on EARTH would listen to a dude that "doesn't like horror" talk weekly about a program about vampires and the supernatural? The answer is A LOT of people. It creates yet another flavor of ice cream at 2GuysTalking that is undeniably popular and allows 2GuysTalking to address creature features, thrillers and "All Thangs with Fans" in an appropriate, audience-specific light that (like so many other things at 2GuysTalking) is engaging and completely original. Check out The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking - Appreciating All Thangs with Fangs now on the web, and on Facebook!

-- The Nostalgia Engine:

We're taking not only the gargantuan library of television, feature film and DVD/Blu-ray reviews, but our on-going additional Perspective Reviews from the 2GuysTalking HQ Library to create what will be the largest collection of original, podcasted entertainment review of all time. It's the Nostalgia Engine from 2GuysTalking, providing you yet another engaging avenue to enjoy your time via your mobile media device or PC! Check out the front of 2GuysTalking for more details about The 2GuysTalking Nostalgia Engine now!

-- Bloggers Bug:

Are you a blogger? Always wanted to be one? Are you a business that has always wanted to put a blog into their website? Are you an existing blogger that wants to collect more traffic? Then check out Bloggers Bug from 2GuysTalking. With 22 members from a variety of walks of life and business, currently providing content of all kinds, and a growing, eclectic audience to match, Bloggers Bug is your perfect opportunity to get eyes on your blogging game to help grow traffic, skill set and networking unlike anywhere else. 2GuysTalking is one of the original entertainment blog resources and is proud to feature this service and website to anyone that has ever thought of becoming a blogger or anyone that wants to grow their audience. Contact Bloggers Bug today and become a member of this great service, FREE! Check out Bloggers Bug from 2GuysTalking now on the web, and on Facebook and begin YOUR blogging, perspective adventure today!

-- Ongoing Content Additions at 2GuysTalking:
2GuysTalking has continued to grow over the last 7 years, with regularly topical programs covering a variety of subjects from a growing number of people that truly offer great, original, engaging perspective! Read on below to learn more about the varied, regularly-updated podcasts at 2GuysTalking and if you know of a great podcast that's looking for more great traffic, let us know! We're happy to approach programs to begin the process of increasing their digital footprint! With proof positive The 2GuysTalking way works, it's easy to see and hear the value of 2GuysTalking!

-- Perspective Reviews: 2GuysTalking is the only organization on the planet to WAIT 30-60 days to review films to explore: The Hype, The Money, The Good, The Bad, a Rating and The Franchise - in what we call our Perspective Review series. Whether it's movies from 25+ years ago, or a feature film or the previous entries from a franchise, 2GuysTalking continues to pioneer online fan interaction and appreciation via original, engaging reviews in perspective. Another truly original flavor from 2GuysTalking. Be sure to check out complete archive online to see what recent Perspective Reviews are available and see all of it, from day one to now, in our Nostalgia Engine Project! Whether it's the newest Summer blockbusters, or classic hallmarks of cinema from the past, 2GuysTalking has what what YOU want to know and share about.

-- Dock Talk:

What do you get when you take focused, conversational perspectives on tournament fishing, add in reliable, live fish and area lake reports, along with skilled guests, product distributors and more? You get Dock Talk, with Glenn Wells. Dock Talk is more than just "dudes talking about fishing" - it's your periscope into the minds of people that can legitimately help you change the way you catch fish, and up the ante in your overall fishing game. Check out Dock Talk now via the web and on Facebook! It's more engaging, original content with a quickly growing audience from 2GuysTalking!

-- Write Night:

There is ONE podcast on iTunes that "Explores Songwriting" - it's called Write Night with Kevin Harned. Don't miss out on a wonderful program that features original, live music, in-studio musical icons from a variety of music genres, and tethers that make the difference in regard to finding that special something that makes songwriting possible. Join lifelong musician Greg Harned on a journey of discovery and appreciation of music during any of the Write Night episodes and be sure to check them out via the web and on Facebook! It's more engaging, original content with a quickly growing audience from 2GuysTalking!

-- The Weekly Firecast:

Who likes hot sauces? Chiles? How about learning more about the gear that can make or break your BBQ or grilling experiences? There's a great new video push via 2GuysTalking called "The Weekly Firecast with Scott Roberts" that was the winner of The 2010 "I Hear Your Podcast" Contest! Check out any of Scott's great podcasts and remember you can also catch Scott on 2GuysTalking via The DEXTER Podcast, currently providing a Perspective Review of DEXTER's Season 4, episode by episode! Check out The DEXTER Podcast and The Weekly Firecast on the web and on Facebook today! Two great programs, generating thousands of downloads each week that are ripe for additional sponsorship opportunities!

-- The GalaxyCast:

Star Wars Fan? Dig science fiction in general? Don't miss out on one of 2GuysTalking's original programs featuring everything sci-fi. It's the GalaxyCast, which not only follows each episode of "The Clone Wars" animated series with great reviews, but also puts out a ton of content that gives you "3 Guys Talking" perspective on all things STAR WARS and beyond. Whether it's recent movies, a classic visit to movies long gone by, or cluing you in about the most recent Playstation game, The GalaxyCast has you covered! Check out GalaxyCast on the web now!

-- The Q:

Are you a liberal? Are you a conservative? Looking for the platform to have some intelligent discussion without all the yelling in-between? Then check out The Q with host Mark Bland, who gives you left-leaning, moderate perspective and a dash of entertainment and pop culture to boot. Check out The Q on the web and Facebook for more details about an experiment in perspective relations.

-- Truth Matters:

It's not every program that can give you just about any platform that "matters" but when you're focusing on the Truth, the plate gets pretty wide, pretty fast. Don't miss out on the always-welcoming talk show landscape of Truth Matters with Kevin Harned. From Union relations, to local politicians, to sports geekery to engaging lawyer-ridden discussion, there's one thing that shines through in each episode - just like it does in life - the Truth. Check out Truth Matters on the web and on Facebook and learn how you can appear on their program to provide YOUR perspective of a variety of Truths. It's more engaging, original content with a quickly growing audience from 2GuysTalking!

Still not sold? Check out the entire listing of programs on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network and see what a difference quality, engaging podcasting makes today! Thanks for being fans of The 24 Podcast and remember to tell us what YOU think! We'll use your input in our next All Fan Input episode! Thanks for listening and participating and have a great day!

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