Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Band of Brothers - Revisited...

One of the best, and most influencial DVD experiences that comes to mind when I think of my collection is easily the award-winning HBO biopic of "Easy Company", "Band of Brothers." This evening I spoke to a friend of mine that had never seen it - any of them. That made me wonder if what many people on the History channel, and what many of the people that had "their parents serve in the war" have been saying isn't correct - are we forgetting not only the sacrifice, but the lore of what was the experience of WWII?

How many of YOU have seen something like "Band of Brothers" which while 10+ hours long, is still just a sliver of some of the best WWII visits I've ever seen or experienced? Tell me about your experiences and what you think of things like Band of Brothers, and other great television programs who provided us many years of blissful time without war.

"People so brave that it was unvelieveable..."

"One little part of the Big War - One little part, that makes me so proud that it makes me cry..."

"We were just hoping to stay alive...."

"Henry the 5th was talking to his men and was saying that "from this dayuntil the ending of the world, we in it shall be remembered. We lucky few - we Band of Brothers, for he who today sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother..."

"Do you remember the letter than a man wrote me? Do you remembe rhow I ended it? "I cherish the memories of a question my grandson asked me the other day when he said "Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?" Grandpa said "No... But I served in a company of heroes..."

It is passages like this, memories of people so brave and unassuming - experiences that shaped generations and population that make me feel proud to be a member of this country, but more importantly - one who shares these experiences with others so that they too can remember these "Band of Brothers..."


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