Sunday, June 01, 2008

Does Anyone Know What MMA Stands For?

One of the strangest questions I think I've considered in the past for those visiting? Do you know what MMA stands for? I have been a boxing fan for probably 15 years, tuning into HBO and Showtime's boxing events and a variety of EPSN bouts that have eventually made their way onto my digital video recording unit in the theater.

About a year ago, my wife told me to come into the theater and she showed me this "fight", this event that was going on with people sitting around a cage, with a couple of people whaling on each other with what looked like some kind of shrunken human head gloves and racing stickers on their shorts. Hmmm... What on Earth was THIS?

The Answer: It was MMA - Mixed Martial Arts, the evolution of what was old-school no-holds-barred-no-rules cage fighting, appearing on HDNet right there in our theater. I was mesmerized. You have fighters from all over the world, from every end of the skill spectrum in a variety of promotion companies - fighting. Those of you that are used to what is the usual Boxing game - this folks, is a completely different animal.

If you thought that Boxers were well-conditioned athletes, you have another think coming. An MMA fighter can begin his fighting adventure in a variety of places (wrestling, boxing, muy tai - gosh, a bunch of other starting avenues), and then eventually bring in the addition of a specialized "ground game" often modeled on Brazillian Jui Jitsu.

When you add on a variety of amazingly difficult and challenging training teams in camps all over the world, you have a fighter that just makes an indentation not only in the sporting realm, not only on network television with the debut of MMA on CBS last nite, but a TRUE indentation in each and every fighter's noggin.

It's invigorating, it's got all of the magic of what was Boxing in the "old days" and provides a real solid view inside a quickly growing sport that collects respect, accolades and the same fighting spirit I remember in my wrestling days. Surem the trash-talking is there - there is definitive testosterone associated with the sport, but there is a clear and always-measurable respect from every fighter that is also included in every fight - something missing from what I believe is the modern realm of boxing. Be sure to check out the following websites to see more about the sport, the fighters and the opportunities to check out a visual injection of adrenaline:

HDNet Fights:
Inside: MMA:
World Extreme Cage Fighting:

Please comment on the links and the details above. I am anxious to hear your take on MMA.


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