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Blow by Blow Review: "24" February 21st, 2005

We're just passed the halfway point of this season show - it's heating up (literally) and as the temperature rises in the nuclear reactors across the nation, so does the quality of the show. Let's get to it.

Blow by Blow Review: "24" February 21st, 2005

-- The Review Stage: I have been watching episodic television for a very long time. There are few shows in this history of television that I have been witness too, that can summarize, in 35 seconds, almost the complete story arc. So much so, that someone that had seen NONE of this season of "24" would be instantly caught up as to what is going on currently. Kudos to the creators and to the editing geniuses on staff at "24".

-- Emotions on Hold for Driscoll? Erin is so adamant about ensuring that emotions are put on hold at this point, but what about pride? She and Curtis were, just an hour ago, busy trying to figure the best way to get their collective asses out of a sling. What does THAT have to do with ensuring the Nation's safety?

-- Curtis the Interrogator? Of all the people that are given the task of interrogating Maryanne, they pick CURTIS? The dude that's had at least a short term physical relationship with her and is the one solely-responsible for bringing her into the CTU wing? Does that strike anyone else as daft?

-- MMMmm Hypocrisy: Maryanne is quick to levy the moniker of "sick bastards" when it's learned that one of her compatriots has been killed - yet the meltdown and eventual deaths of millions of people doesn't put a dent in that mocha-dome of hers. Would you like a hush puppy or two with your hypocrisy, Maryanne?

-- Rule of (Severed) Thumb: Maryanne says that the only way for the information on the PC at the office of the dead dude is to use either his thumbprint or hers. How about lobbing off the dudes thumb, bringing it to the ident-pad at the office and accessing the information? That way, Maryanne, who is clearly a significant threat, but also a very real source of information isn't put into harms way and won't lead the rest of the team into a trap or offer her a chance to escape?

-- Alleeee-oooop! For those of you wondering if Jack was really upside down, let me assure you that he is. :) I am also amazed that it's taken this long for him to get a headset of some kind for the phone that he's using. Surely there is a vendor out there that would like product placement on the man that is going to save the United States from nuclear destruction!

-- Retract the Rig? After Jack lands safely back on terra fira in the laudry room, he gives the command to "retract the rig". Why? Is he afraid that Navi will use the rig to try and escape? Doesn't want it mistaken for a coat hanger by the laundry staff? Nope: He probably wanted to be heard, right? Right! How hard would it have been to just leave the rig? If navi gets passed Jack, I'd like to see him try and escape thru the entourage that is above operating the pulley system.

-- Recurring Proximity Issues: Clearly, I am not a CTU operative with years of military training, nor am I in the basement laundry facility with a real-life terrorist that holds the potential solution to 5 more nuclear reactors going hot. I do know, however, that you should never get as close to a potential assailant pointing a gun at them as Jack did not once, but twice in this episode. How about shooting Navi in the leg to disable him, and thereby causing an injury that can have pressure applied to help "extract" information? How about telling him to turn around? How about popping off a shot over his shoulder when he doesn't do it? I mean it's only 5 nuclear reactors going critical at this point, right?

-- No Wounding Navi?
Twice in this sequence, Jack has the real opportunity to wond Navi and doesn't do it. Why? While I understand the storyline calls for Behrooz to kills the father that intended to have he and his mother killed.

-- You've Got to Know When to Fold 'Em: The broken deal with Dina when Behrooz is rescued should be an instant deal-breaker in my opinion. I have high hopes that the trust factor with he will be minimized after this. The next move should be to put pressure on Behrooz' life to get the needed information that Dina clearly (as per Navi's concerns) has.

-- Maryanne "May" Be a Sociopath? Let's just be clear - Maryanne IS a sociopath! Check out this great profile and listing of traits that are indicative of people being sociopathic and you'll see what I mean.

-- Sarah Gets Back in the Saddle: Kudos for being Sarah being able to get back in the game when her country needs her most.

-- Fuzzy Wuzzy with 5 Nuclear Reactors Ready to Topple: Can there be a little less fuzzy wuzzy with Maryanne and more attention to the task at hand? The nukes are going to wait for someone's groove to be gotten.

-- Cover? How About Some Vests? During the extraction of Jack, Behrooz, and Dina, they are out in the wide open - and very susceptible to bullets from a sniper's rifle, just like the dude two hours ago. I'm not sure I understand the lack of care being provided to the only link to information that could help to finally recover the override.

-- Entering the Warehouse: Jack and Tony enter into an area that SCREAMS boobytrap: I am amazed that not only do they find the powercord leading to the basement, but that any of that information is still there and available. For people that have had operatives in the country for 5 years+, I find it difficult to understand why such an evidence orgy would be made available at this point. More on that below.

-- Where is the Insertion Team? The LA Law Enforcement Authorities need to take a page from the book that Jack and Tony are reading. Jack and Tony arrive at the warehouse and are COMPLETELY ALONE. Perhaps a copy of the script should be sent to the drivers and commanders of the insertion teams?

-- Cognitive Cornucopia: Whenever a room like the one displayed in the basement of the warehouse, I instantly call it the "Beautiful Mind" room. Rooms like this are the ones where not only are there a variety of pictures, magazine articles, computer print outs and memos shown, but they are there IN ORDER :) A friend had said that this might be part of a diversionary tactic on the part of the terrorists, but I am not yet ready to swallow that one. The organization of the room is disturbing in two ways: 1.) Either the terrorists were very thorough about their plans and ready for every contingency, or 2.) The special effects team of the show wen't a little overboard on details. The next couple of hours in the show will help us understand which is which.

-- All Roads Lead to the Stuffy Brit: If you didn't have hatred for the stuffy Brit at this point, prepare yourself. All the registration-related documents for the warehouse are all pointing to HIM! That's right! The man that can't love the tasty Secretary Daughter is in on it - or is he? According to this weeks trailer, a chair, some duct tape and live wires from the base of a lamp, we're going to find out next episode.

-- Audrey is On Her Way! Why is it, that the next reunion of the Assault Teams of the Greater Los Angeles area is not being held in Room 408 of the Westmore? I find it HIGHLY implausible that the Secretary wouldn't order all remaining available resources there, if not the Secret Service. After what his daughter had experienced just hours ago, why would he not do something like this?

-- Tony's "I Don't Know" Comment: I'm not sure how I still feel about this. At first I thought that it's time to write off Tony if he can't pick between a life of unemployed listlessness or a great exciting time back at CTU. I mean, how often would THAT come up? I'm happy to see him come back however. I would have liked to see a different rolling in of a previous character.

-- Y'all Come Back Now, Y'hear? I am gleefully surprised with the welcoming arms of Erin Driscoll when Tony arrives. I thought surely there would be tension there.

-- $arah and Getting What's Owed: Even almost a week later, I still am unsure of my feelings for Sarah using the experience of being wrongly tortured to secure better financial gain. I get the record being expunged - no problem there, but there's something not quite right about the pay raise (two full grades).

-- Disgustingly Awkward But Engaging: Audrey's discussion with Paul is SICKENINGLY awkward, but guys: I'm on the edge of my seat. That is the essence of "24" and why everyone should give the show a shot for at least a couple of episodes.

-- CounterStrike Office Building: I play a network computer game called "CounterStrike" and in it is a map called "Office". In that office area terrorists with hostages. The Counter Terrorist Unit has to storm the building and save the hostages. Now, call me crazy, but doesn't that building and that setting SCREAM boobytrap? Why is it that they have so FEW people going to that place? There have to be more available people to go there.

-- Oh Yeah - Maryanne Dying: As I was ready to publish this issue, I almost forgot: Maryanne dies. :) A "third party" arrives at the office building, accosts her and Curtis, and puts a double tap to her chest. She tumbles over like a short redwood, and the storyline moves over. Strange how little emotion it solicited. I think that's another of "24"'s hallmarks: The ability to take what would normally be the moment they'd want to raise the tension and excitement and play it almost a "matter of fact."

Don't Stand So Close to Me: Again, as we tick out for this episode, I am AMAZED that Jack allows Paul to stand so close to him, even after being knocked on his ass by Navi less than an hour earlier.

The trailer for next week looks outstanding and I can't wait to see what's to come!

4th Horseman Alert - Hootie the Singing Technicolor Burger Cowboy Pimp?

Just when you thought it was safe to get a cheesburger plain at the land of Burger King...

While watching Leno last nite (guests were Chris Rock and Ian McShane [of 'DEADWOOD' fame]) a commercial came on -- a strumming guitar lick and unbelievably: Out pops Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish, in a technicolor dreamcoat pastel cowboy suit. While strumming a guitar and singing, we are tantalized with scantily clad Petticoat Junction-esque ladies with too much make up and Daisy Dukes taking chomps out of burgers: All the while, Hootie sings on, pimping the new "Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burger" available your way, right away, at Burger King now.

Collect your bags 'cuz the 4th rider approacheth.

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Blow by Blow Review: "24" February 14th, 2005

A quick note before this week's Blow by Blow:

This is easily the best season of "24" to date: When you consider the story arcs sliding back and forth next to each other in a constant state of edge of your seat flux, with solid, staple characters coming in and out, with just a dash of previous season cast support - it's genius folks.

On to the Blow by Blow for February 14th, 2005:

-- No I told you so attitude? Huh? With the boat that Erin, a Director of CTU is in at this point, I find it almost incredible that she'd want to try to play the "no attitude game" at this point. There are times when even the leader of departments need to accept and deal with it, and clearly, she chose not to.

-- Adjusting files to skate? Come'on! My eyes just bulged out of my head and wrapped around my neck: They're going to alter the base files to attempt to shift blame for "hiring" what is this season's Judas? If anything they should know that things like that don't wash, and that eventually, they're going to be found out.

-- Nucular? How abour Nuclear? One of the bones that just about anyone regardless of political leaning will focus on, is the use of the President's not too alien word: "Nuculur." Even funnier is when we visit Dictionary.Com:

Now, not only do you see the regular and humankind pronunciation listing:

"nu·cle·ar ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nkl-r, ny-) adj.
Biology. Of, relating to, or forming a nucleus: a nuclear membrane. Physics. Of or relating to atomic nuclei: a nuclear chain reaction. Using or derived from the energy of atomic nuclei: nuclear power. Of, using, or possessing atomic or hydrogen bombs: nuclear war; nuclear nations. [From nucleus.] "

We also find an interesting note in regard to "usage."

"Usage Note: The pronunciation (nky-lr), which is generally considered incorrect, is an example of how a familiar phonological pattern can influence an unfamiliar one. The usual pronunciation of the final two syllables of this word is (-kl-r), but this sequence of sounds is rare in English. Much more common is the similar sequence (-ky-lr), which occurs in words like particular, circular, spectacular, and in many scientific words like molecular, ocular, and vascular."

See, what I figure is this: The president has initiated some black op team to infiltrate the offices of Dictionary.Com in an effort to covertly alter the perception of the world in general - that's right - the eventual goal? To eliminate the previous pronunciation of "Nuclear" and institute a "new Nuculur world order." :) Surely that's what next season will have as it's twisty-turny rollercoaster-esque storyline.

-- Going to Visit Uncle Nasim for Medicine? Call me crazy, but does anyone else just want to club Behrooz to death with a frozen ham for being stupid? The proverbial shit has hit the fan, Mom's been shot, she is bleeding to death, and it's time to contact Uncle Nasim for help? Isn't the cultural props for women in their culture general pretty low?

-- Heartwrenching: What was probably one of the briefest scenes to date, is one of the most powerful. As the first nuclear reactor fails, we see at least three men doing their best to help minimize the damage, even though they have been fatally exposed to radiation. This is why while the costs will be high in the war on terrorism, the overall viewpoint that America takes will eventually win out.

-- Hate to Be the IToldYouSo Channel, But: Did I call traffic during the evacuation or what? With anything as fatal as a nuclear event, I don't think that "giving up" is the way to go, but there's hope, and then there's inevitable. I think in almost every case, people would choose to meet their own fate rather than have it dictated due to a traffic jam.

-- Actors Stellar Non-vocal Communications: As someone that worked as a professional interpreter for the Deaf for more than 10 years, my absolute kudos to the "24" players' ability to use non-verbal communication. In partculart, STELLAR marks for Dina (portrayed by actress Shohreh Aghdashloo), the mother with not only the ability to etch emotion into the viewership in regard to the cause of bringing America to its' knees - but conveying the love of a mother for her son: All by saying next to nothing.

-- Show Me the Document = Terminal Cliche for Behrooz? Anyone that understands the US Policy for negotiating with terrorists would know that, regardless the risks, they wouldn't deal. What will the newfound illegitimacy of that document mean for Behrooz? Sadly, it probably means death.

-- Again Total Conviction Factor: Again, kudos to Dina (portrayed by actress Shohreh Aghdashloo) on the ability to show what is complete and crystal clear conviction in regard to the cause, and the balance that is her son's life.

-- May I Have a Side Order of Bulletproof Jacket? Can someone please put a kevlar vest on the mother? Does she need to be on point? Does she need to be at the scene at all?

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Ain't It Even Cooler...

I have been a fan of "Ain'tItCool News" since its debuted Maaaaany many moons ago.

I have been a fan of their reviews, and a critic of their off the wall reports of what might happen in the way of movies, DVD, Comics, and the world of entertainment in general.

Their website has recently gotten a complete refort, leaving just enough of the "unprofessional flavor" to make your memory jiggle when you see the site, but a "wow" when surfing thru the newly structured site content.

Kudos to AintItCoolNews, and their new website.

Be sure to take some time to go review it: It's well done and has lots of great news.

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Blow by Blow Review: "24" February 7th, 2005

Time for another festive round of Blow by Blow Review: "24" Edition.

Let's get right to it...

Tick Tock - It's only 400k People: First: I'm rather curious about the number: that doesn't seem like that many people for 6 whole reactors in metropolitan areas. Second: There are 6 facilities left, with a potential immediate dead loss calculated at 400,000 people with millions in the oncoming months, with birth defects into a very long term schedule for those that survive. The answer? City evacuations. Now - folks, I understand the theory behind "city-wide evacuations" but what's the difference between being irradiated in your home/apartment, and being irradiated in your car while in a literal death-lock gridlock?Only 6 400k immediately millions later with birthdefects.

Audrey - CTU Fieldwork: CTU Fieldwork, Audrey: Audrey says ""I think I'm getting used to this" which helps us understand that clearly, she hasn't seen anything yet! It also harkens to her eventual demise, ala the Terminal Cliche' principle.

Ahh - The Melbourne Situation: For those of you that have any time in STAR TREK, and even those who don't but "know about the no-win schenario" your ears might have perked up when hearing this phrase. The Kobayashi Maru was a scenario in STAR TREK terms that was created to test one's character in the face of insurmountable doubt - ie the "no-win scenario." This sounds VERY cool and I can't wait to hear more about it.

Bumbledoo, Nowhere, USA: They don't name or give geographical locations of the cities that have nuclear power plants that are going to blow? Sounds like the lefties got to the writers about a "potential misunderstanding about mass nuclear meltdowns" to me. I think they might have missed the board on providing and even more immediate sense of urgency by actually naming cities. The trailer for (tonites!) the next episode says that Edgar's Mom is in peril, which means large east coast city probably.

I'll Have an Order of Wife & Son Dead by the End of the Day - Hold the Mayo: I love when shows offer up potential to do lists like this and can actually have the potential to hold up to the follow thru end. That is the sense of urgency I was talking about before and it makes this show intoxicating.

Heard the One About the Phone and CTU HQ? After all of the tribulations in Season One alone at CTU HQ and cell phones, would it not be something FORBIDDEN at this point to have a phone on your person or one that wasn't "in the monitored loop?" That infuriates me to no end: While I enjoy the subterfuge provided, there is nothing more frustrating than something that wouldn't probably be permitted. A system of heading off errant/rogue cell phone calls within walking/running distance of CTU at least would be prudent.

Scott - You Know - Cousin Scott: Scott, the Secretary's Assistant smells like an old guava. Keep and eye on him.

WE INTERUPT THIS REVIEW TO KEEP THE PEACE: During the first 1/4 of this episode, they have Kiefer come on as "Kiefer" and tell us about how the Muslims in the show don't depict allll Muslims, their behavior and beliefs. While I would think issuing something like this is prudent, I do think that many people have problems with the US, and MANY of them are Muslim. I think they rode a solid line between straightforward and jackassery - nice note.

Red Lady-like Flags: Jen, folks, is a GIANT Red Flag in the overall "24" picture. When she is introduced and shows the first ounce of "I've gotta' get outta' here" it's time to rope her to a chair: Period. After all, it's only "National Security" right? :)

Instant Digital Conversion at Tony's Place: I'm just guessing but wouldn't high-speed DSL be something that would make the official "back burner" shelf for the unemployed/drunkard Tony? Also: Digital video, even on a DSL or high speed cable connection are LARGE files that don't open in the instant that Jack is able to connect them. Same thing with the software install: I just got a game recently that's awesome but not anything as involved as national security digital video conversion and it took that program almost a whole hour to install. I'm not sure (other than getting to the point/hurry up for TV) how Jack is able to get up and running with the video.

Letting Maryanne Outside: Can you say Terminal Cliche'? We knew she was going to get away, but we also knew as soon as she leaves the building she's going to die. Let's hope that she was just knocked unconscious in the blast and they are able to SDT her scaly bony ass! :)

Profiles, Schomofiles: OK: Jack figures that Gavin doesn't fit the profile: Rifle thru the personnel listing that you're aware of, Jack-ass! Who does fit it? Tell us? Run the room with a quick snap zoom to each. Who is it that doesn't fit?

Today's Jeopardy Question: Wanna' Die or Go to Jail? I am yet again amazed that Behrooz can NOT touch base with the cops. At a time of peril and emminent destruction, who WOULDN'T listen to a kid that's in the inner circle and get as much information as possible? Hellllo? Jail Forever/Plea Bargain/Cushy CIA Job vs. Prison Bitch at Gitmo? How about an anonymous call? How about telling a Doctor? Smoke Signals? Carrier Pigeon?

I am anxious to see this evenings episode and hope many loops will come full circle for us. Cheers!

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24 Fans? Meet "The Grid"...

Those of you that have any interest at all in "24" should not miss the upcoming DVD of a fantastic mini-series that hit airwaves late last year called "The GRID."

Click here to see more...

I was just surfing IMDB (The Internet Movie DataBase) online and saw that this item is hitting DVD this next Tuesday, February 8th, and it comes totally recommended.

I would point you to several sites and please note that the second of which is basically each episode reviewed, which simply means it is MINED with Spoilers so please beware.

The Grid Homepage at Fox:

The Grid Episode Guide:

If you are at all addicted to the adrenaline ride that is "24' then this is surely a DVD purchase you should not miss.

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A Nightmare Continues...

I try to pride myself on offering good customer service when I'm at work, and about everything where I try to "solve problems."

Over the last several years, I have sent back a great many "Sidekick" units, for one reason or another - all of which have been under the warranty of either the original item or under the warranty replacement warranty that accompanies the "one arriving to replace the most recent one."

About 10 days ago now, the "Back" button had stopped functioning properly on my unit, and so I'd called to have it replaced in the warranty process. They sent out another unit to me which I received 9 days later. Let's forget that it's supposed to be within 5 days for a minute and move to the central argument here.

When I opened up the box, I saw a pristine unit, clad with plastic on the screen to denote that it was "new/refurbished" which is what I was expecting: What I wasn't expecting was this:

Click Here to See a Larger Picture...

For those that don't have microscopes, the screen has a little picture of an Anime character that says

"ERROR - ROM 1 Your device has encountered an error. Your data is safe but you must reset the device.

To reset your device, press the @, 1, 0 (zero) keys at the same time. If you continue to receive this message, contact Customer care at 800 Number for additional assistance."

So those of you thinking that "oh that's interesting" -- uh, no. In general, you shouldn't ever get your REPLACEMENT DEVICE when it says this. So I do the process that it asks. To which I see:

Click Here to See a Larger Picture...

a screen that has a little character holding the handset to its ear, waiting for it to reboot with the text "Rebooting..." I then see...

Click Here to See a Larger Picture...

That's right: The same damn screen that I started with. After a few tries, I called the 800 number and they told me "clearly your replacement device isn't functioning properly." Thank you Einstein.

So they're sending another unit out as soon as possible. Just seems to be that someone putting the machine into the box to begin with would have seen the SAME DAMN SCREEN and helped me to not have to wait more time to get a functioning unit.


Blow by Blow Review: "24" January 29th, 2005

For those that had any question about "24 turning into a slow show" because there was some semblance of romantic courtship in last week's "slow" episode, how's this for starting off a barnburner?

Without the interaction of our heroes, 104 Nuclear Plants will melt down!

The fuse is lit - the pyre begins to roll red with flame as we begin this edition of the "Blow by Blow Review of "24" ". Let's get to it.

-- Me Stuffy Brit Caveman, You Mine: I had one of the most hearty cackles in a long time when I see stuffy brit husband begin his descent into Caveman mentality in regard to Audrey. Just like I smelled something insidious with Maryann, there is something clearly afoot in the grinding gears of this man. Beware Jack, beware.

-- Look, She's Growing Scales: I can actually see the scales and layers of skin growing on Maryann, as we are continually made aware of her very bad intentions. She already had a snake-like feel when we met her but good gawd: I can actually see her tongue splitting into two distinct pieces. This is going to get at least as messy as the President's wife Sherry - it's just a matter of time.

-- More Classic Secretarian - Huzzah!: I'm not sure how much I have reiterated how much I already love the character of Secretary of State Heller, but he is brilliantly written and expertly executed with the acting of William Devane. The stuffy Brit decides to lean/cry on soon-to-be-ex-daddy's shoulder about Audrey, "She's breaking my hearrrrrt...." Mr. Secretary leans over and says "She's a big girl and she can do what she wants", followed by a small and almost insignificant pat on the back. Genius!

-- Steely Determination in the Face of Insurmountable Odds: Strangely, we're not talking about Jack, we're not talking about the heroic actions of anyone at CTU or the Secretary of State: We're talking about the BAD GUY, Navi, Behrooz' father. When they learn that Tariq, the in-house assassin has been killed by his son during his foiled execution, he says "we'll mourn him when this is over." This determination is a fine sample of what we as a nation face today when we think about the theater of Iraq and the goings-on there. Again, there are people that want nothing more than to make a point and die, while taking as many of us with them, while they do it. The actor that they have chosen here, Nestor Serrano is superb and very well cast. More on him later.

-- Behrooz Calls Mom?: After poisoning the girl he had any feeling for, I am amazed when after thwarting a murder attempt, Behrooz calls his Mother!? Thankfully, there is still some mother instinct left, and finally shows thru as this episode continues.

-- Women Really Are Just Articles: "Listen to me, woman", Navi gristles, teeth clinched. Sadly, the curtain is lowering on the wife/mother of Navi's child, as this episode winds it way forward. The ability to cast a veil of "property" on his wife is astonishing, but adds to the realism of the moment.

-- Passionate Thumbwrestling: Still not comfortable with showing outright affection, Audrey and Jack participate in the most fascinating version of "thumbwrestling" that I have ever been witness to on television. Again, an outstanding sample of showcasing love that is unable to show outright brilliance that still shines thru the attempts to subdue it.

-- Where the Hell is Caller ID When You Need It?: To my knowledge, every cell phone offers what is "caller ID" or even number ID, so that a person would know who or from what number a person is calling. During the touching digit-dance I refer to above, Audrey gets a phone call and it's the stuffy Brit soon-to-be-ex-husband -- AND SHE TAKES THE CALL!? Huh?

-- Hurrah! Filing for Divorce!: Audrey exclaims that it's over to the stuffy brit, and that she will be filing for divorce when she makes her way back to Washington: Everyone claps, right? Well, mostly -- the problem here is that she may have just suffered from her second bought with "Terminal Cliché'."

-- What a Tangled Web She Weaves: Maryann is apparently a master of the craft of subterfuge: Not only is she able to execute a covert operation to help foil the good guys during this series of episodes, she also plants seeds of doubt into everyone else's viewpoint of their own teammates.

-- There is Something to Be Said for Brilliant Casting: If I haven't provided a viewpoint to you that shows my admiration for the casting director of this show, then pay attention. In a move that only very few movies can claim, the leader, Madwan, the top dog, the cheese, the head honcho, is none other one of my favorite actors of all time, Arnold Vosloo! You guessed, it! Who other than "The High Priest Imotep" could provide you with total middle east intoxication? Again fantastic casting choice, and I hope that he will be around for a good long time to show us what will be even more brilliance.

-- Edgar is a Gem: Those of us in the technological field will be able to tell you: Edgar is not only a realistic representation of the "tech geek that makes everything ok" when the shit is going to hit the fan. Many times, they're able to do it with little or no intervention, even. I have a gentleman at work that has the "solution aura": Maybe you've experienced it as well. Here's the situation: There is a problem, no matter what YOU try, it doesn't work. You have your "tech geek" guy come over and just stand over your should so you can show them what you've been doing to solve the problem. Simply being in proximity to the problem, there suddenly is no problem and there is no record of it. Edgar is "24"'s version of the "Tech Geek" that somehow gets it done by being in proximity of technology.

-- Dobson Override Fix in 9 Minutes?: Boy, it was surely more dramatic, but Edgar solving the Dobson Override problem in 9 minutes of the episode? I am happy that not all of them came back and even MORE happy that more than "just one" wasn't left. Another salute to the hallmark of this show in that it always keeps you guessing, and most of the time -- ? You're WRONG.

-- What is "24?": I have had conversations with probably30 people in general - talking about our days, our work, what we do in our free time and when we get to TV and we begin the discussion of "24" they always come to the question: "What is 24?" The answer that you should use for this to corral even more viewership is this: It is a love story: not of Jack and his wife, or his current lover, but between Jack and what is "right". All of us have always imagined that what we did or do make a difference. This helps translate to interest and when you "get it" that there is much more than just the character interaction - you will be instantly hooked on "24".

-- Earth To Dina!: Clearly, Dina (Behrooz' mother) has to understand that not only is Behrooz handgun fodder when she picks him up, but so is she! I kept trying to think what she might want to do instead so that her son will live - driving to a police station, a military base, wrecking her car terribly - it was all running a million miles a minute in my head. Not sure I'm sold on her going to follow thru with the pick up, but we'll see where it takes us.

-- Can I Have a Side Order of Risperdal With That?: Uhh, I thought I had seen all of the bad or most terrible things happen in CTU HQ over the years. A bomb going off, people being killed, people taken hostage, people being interrogated to squelch answers to do good -- the list goes on. What I can't remotely understand is this: In the middle of what is arguably the most critical point in America's history in regard to terrorism, who's the jackass that has your schizophrenic daughter who has not had her medication in days brought to the center of this chaotic theater of operations?! The answer? The current head of CTU! Not only that but there's no LOCK ON THE DOOR? Excuse me, may I dial the handy man at CTU for you to install at least a BUNGIE CORD or something?

-- 3 Coins in the SDT Fountain: After three hours of "treatment" the Secretary's Son yields no information whatsoever. It's a crappy situation but well played, and very forthright. I have interest in seeing what the son was able to hide, because SURELY something is still locked inside.

-- Jack's Momentary Suspicious is a Good Bet: Jack has always had a process that he always has in mind when things happen. When Maryann calls instead of something else at CTU, he instantly questions it and understands - instantly - that something's up. Is jack suspicious of what's going on? You betcha' and that snaky vixen is going to get hers. Jack instantly understands that someone back at CTU is in and now the mission becomes clear: Find out who because they'll know infinitely more about what's going on.

-- And the Savior Award this Episode Goes To...: Tony Almeda! In a move that I had to rewind on my PVR to make sure I'd seen it right, in rollllls Tony! With guns blazing, he and Jack do away with the rest of the phreaks trying to kill he and Audrey and they sprint off to make their way back to CTU and some serious answers!

-- Office Space: I'm not sure about you, but I generally like to have some space when I work. People standing over me isn't usually an incentive to put on my best game, and I'm guessing it's not yours either. So how about this scenario: We've got one bloated donut-rider-tech-geek that can save the nation from Nuclear destruction. He's on a ridiculous time crunch. He's working away and hoping that he'll have time to review his set up for the ultimate field goal - review denied. Shut up and kick. Okie doke. So how about giving Edgar some ROOM folks? I mean he's only trying to disarm EVERY NUCLEAR REACTOR IN THE NATION! :)

And another episode comes to conclusion! Tune in next week, Jack Fans for more review of what is arguably one of the best programs on the planet!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

LOST - For Real...

A great many friends and I have been lured into a Wednesday-nite shared television indiced stupor called "LOST" on ABC. It's been a winding road to date and you have to wonder - what if you REALLY WERE lost on an island in the middle of nowhere: What would you do? What would the conversations be like? Would there really be a tubby comic book store phreak building a golf course? Would there be some crazy French chick in a hidden bunker? Would your handicapped friend stand up and walk?

9 Tsunami survivors have been able to realize the unimaginable. The members of Nicobarese tribe survived on (snort!) wild boars and coconuts.

In an event that killed more than 158,000 people, amazing things happen folks.

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