Sunday, December 13, 2009

To Tweet In Klingon or Not to Tweet in Klingon...

Those of you that have seen the recent Star Trek feature film might have noticed that one of the many famous Trek-based races was terribly absent. It wasn't the Andorians, it was everyone's favorite protruding-foreheaded extraterrestrials, the Klingons.

While they were missed in this recent revisit to characters and stories of the United Federation of Planet's future, you can now talk to those you like (or dislike) - in Klingon, via Twitter.

A new website joins the always-growing army of tools available on the web to enhance your Twitter experience. TweetInKlingon.Com allows you to send your 140-character messages - translated in Klingon.

Having been part of organized Star Trek Fandom for more than 15 years, I know this new tool will excite many, and horrify even more. I am one of few people on planet Earth who can claim friends that can "speak" Klingon. Will you join their ranks? Do you wish to ridicule them?

Then your first stop should be to TweetinKlingon.Com to begin your alien-language adventure.

QaQ San, yIn tIq je chep je ja' chaH vetlhjIH nuj ngeHta' SoH!
(Good luck, live long and prosper and tell them that Screen Rant sent you!)

Source: TweetInKlingon.Com


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