Monday, May 14, 2012

I Don't Know Nothing About Pots - But Bob Caldart Sure Did...

I've never had any experience with POT, but pots? Well, even that, I didn't have a lot of experience with 'em except to make a few in high school with the man that knew pots, kilns, art and teaching like nobody's business - Bob Caldart. Mr. Caldart wasn't just a teacher in high school for me ( Brookfield Central High School ), he was the conveyor of life and the man that first taught me how to deconstruct the pieces of huge projects to make them smaller ones to make a (better) whole, quality project.

 I just learned that Mr. Caldart died this weekend and it made me think of all of the other teachers I still know and chat with now ( the irrepressible Steve Isackson for example) that have truly had a huge impact on my life. I smell a significant blog post on the near horizon.

Who did YOU carry on though high school into your adult life and do you still chat with 'em? Talk about them all here and here's a giant tip of the giant chess piece to Mr. Bob Caldart. You sir, were a true original and will be missed.


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