Friday, March 25, 2011

The Danger of Focusing on The Negative...

Strife. Conflict. The undeniable draw of gaping mouths, with raised voices emanating from them. A family torn in at least two parts. The recorded story that describes the day-to-day passings...


I've been a fan of American Chopper since the inception of the show. While in the beginning the father/son screaming matches may have played a small role in getting me to watch the program, the fact of the matter is that I enjoy the design and creation process of motorcycles. Taking something from little more than a pile of steel pipes, hoses, cardboard templates and an idea, and fashioning something way more than just a "motorcycle" has always appealed to me. It's the same general vision and feel as all of the Foose-inspired television specials that gets my blood running and fires the creative juice pumps a full.

Sadly, what American Chopper has now become, is not only a focus on the ranting and idiocy of the decline of the father/sons relationship at least several times during each episode, they've now reached a new, boneriffic level.

The series most recent episode provided you "introspection" on the crew that are "front and center filming and editing the episodes as the drama unfolds.'


So now we're going to dedicate time to learning what the people filming the most insignificant parts of the series are thinking while they're filming it?

I'm living in a coo-coo clock.

The fact is that there are two camps, both of which feature genius-level motorcycle fabrication teams that make gorgeous, themed motorcycles. For the love of all that is The Discovery Channel - can we PLEASE see them in action? If I wanted familial strife and pressure, I would walk into my fathers home office toss a chair or two, tell him what an idiot he is and then - not so amazingly - I'd see the same thing that is slung as I watch this program currently.

Creativity is the "novelty" here, Discovery Channel, not "the family tearing itself apart." While I can't agree that any of the people in-show have taken the "right path to relationship redemption", one fact remains: How is Nub going to get this kick-ass paint job done? How about, how are the machines that OCC has going to make this new extravagant piece for the next multi-million-dollar company throwing their money into the ring/economy to have a motorcycle as the economy gets back on it's feet? Perhaps you could tell us more about the almost invisible painting/creative talent that does the OCC-side of the work?

Rather than literally taking the cameras, turning them around and focusing on drama that I have to believe very few are interested in, how about providing us insight, a front-row seat into creativity and >KOFF!< DISCOVERY of incredibly skilled artisans that make magic out of a pile of parts?

Now that would be something to find on The Discovery Channel.


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