Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Fishy Story that Doesn't Smell! Dock Talk Satisfies Again!

For those of you that only think that fishing is for the folks that grab a pole, beers and head out onto the water, there's clearly a side of Fishing that you're - well - ignorant about. In the last year, I've been graced with an outstanding and now very popular outdoors/Tournament Bass Fishing program called Dock Talk, that provides not only some great conversation - even for those of us that AREN'T fisherman, but some TRUE education that helps you understand not only the science of fishing, but the pride, precision and finesse that fishing of this kind (and frankly, most) requires.

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Take a few minutes to listen to the most recent episode of Dock Talk, where host Glenn Wells welcomes Larry Thompson from O'Fallon, MO's own Bullseye Bait & Tackle and begin to understand that it's not just "Beer, Bait and Boredom" when it comes to fishing. These gents are bringing home thousands (and in the professional realm, 10's of thousands) in winnings for catching fish - show me the hobby that YOU dedicate yourself to that offers the same. Enjoy the most recent episode of Dock Talk on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network and be sure 'Like' and to tell them what YOU think on Facebook!

Dock Talk - Glenn Wells - Fall Patterns, October 2011
Joined by:  Jim Kelley, Larry Thompson from Bullseye Bait & Tackle and Will/Kristopher Meyers
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While it's s till warm, there's no doubt that the Fall is here. Grand fishing events continue to stack anticipation, cash and fanfare as the leaves change and Dock Talk welcomes Larry Thompson from Bullseye Bait & Tackle, and cash-counting Will/Kristopher Meyers this week. Learn more about some great custom baits Larry brought along, the cash that Will/Kristopher earned, and more tips, tricks and secrets than will change the way YOU fish, especially in the fall! Listen to it all in this episode of Dock Talk recorded live via The 2GuysTalking East Studio in historic downtown St. Charles, MO!


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