Sunday, June 12, 2011

While I've been a movie fan and entertainment critic for a long time, there's an almost entire genre I have never truly learned to appreciate or - frankly - visit inside the 2GuysTalking Looking Glass to date.

Horror and creature feature offerings inside of movies and television.

Whether it be the gooney effects, the paper-thin storylines, the gore-porn bludgeon or the going-way-too-much-to-the-same-damn-well-ness of it all, there's been a strange aversion to most of the horror films I've seen in the last 15 years. Well - it's time for all that to change.

This year, 2GuysTalking started working with a variety of professionals that MAKE some of the greatest feature horror films and television series on the planet and so it's time to turn over a whole new (and often bloody) leaf in the realm of feature film and television series review.

The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network is launching "The Fangbanger Podcast - Appreciating All Thangs with Fangs in Entertainment" this month (June, 2011)," that will be capturing and reviewing a variety of outstanding television series episodes, feature films that are on the way, as well as visiting some of the best, all-time creature feature films from the Blu-ray and DVD Vault inside of 2GuysTalking HQ.

We are eager to grow this effort swiftly and hope that you'll tell all of your friends that like (True Blood, horror films, monster movies - the listing is endless) "Thangs with Fangs" about this new facet that we're bringing to 2GuysTalking. The talent is lined up and ready to explode - like most of the movies that we plan to feature) and we hope that you'll be along for an engaging, wide-open-to-input, often-bloody ride along with us during The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking - Appreciating All Thangs with Fangs in Entertainment.


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