Thursday, April 30, 2009

A 24Podcast.Com Dagwood Sandwich of Entertainment!

24 Podcast Presents Season 7's Hour 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20!
Totally Engaging and Fun Reviews of the Hit Fox Show, "24"

The month of April has been a busy one for 2GuysTalking, and we're happy to announce that we've got a gaggle of "24 Podcasts" ready for you!

For those interested in quick and fun review hits of each episode, check out our RSS Feed for The "24-in-60+!" for each and every episode of 24!

You can also download the full episode review shows for

-- Hour 16

-- Hour 17

-- Hour 18

-- Hour 19

-- Hour 20

or by linking on the links here or in our ever-growing 24 Podcast Review Archive.

Remember to let us know what YOU think as season 7 continues on so we can use YOUR input during our always-fun "ALL FAN INPUT Episode reviewing this season of Fox' hit show, "24!"

Thanks for listening and look for another great episode next week!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As Mother/Father's Day Approaches, Fitness is on the Minds of Many

In my recent Bully Beatdown Week 6 review, I imparted the short story of weight loss, change of habits and investing in something more important than just about anything else currently: My life. Over the last year, I've taken time out to improve my overall health. Last year, the week of father's day I took a heath screen at my workplace and noted that my weight was too much, that my blood pressure was borderline high - in general, I was out of shape and needed to take stock in what I was planning for myself and my family if I didn't change the way I was living. After getting with a trainer and dietitian for a period of time, I lost 35 pounds, have increased my muscle mass and physique and have been encouraging others to invest in the only true stock you have control of - yourself.

Since fitness has taken such a foothold in my life, I thought I'd extend the opportunity for others to take the steps to physical redemption here on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network, by implementing a couple of new podcasts (one brand new, another from a knowledgeable and talented fitness and media specialist) that offer up some great introspection and options for YOU to begin investing in your future health.

First up we have "The Get Fit Stay Healthy Podcast", featuring media and fitness specialist, Tina Anderson providing you with some great, short, and focused overall fitness detail that includes not only the body but the all important mind game! Click here to learn more about The Get Fit and Stay Healthy Podcast now!

Our second fitness offering is one I think is really going to allow people from all walks of life, sitting in chairs across the world, to partcipate in fitness. Ian Fagala, Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Essential Fitness here in St. Louis, MO, will be showcasing a new podcast called "The Essential Desk Fitness Podcast." Focusing on those of you that are dek-bound all-day and night long, The Essential Desk Fitness Podcast will offer everyone a short, straight-forward series of workouts that anyone can do anywhere. He'll also be providing a series of inserts for The 2GuysTalking Podcast series, giving our listeners an opportunity to invest in their futures.

It's all great, new, life-changing podcasting and it's only from 2GuysTalking. Look for more a we arrive at the Mother and Father's Day weekends and let us know how 2GuysTalking Fitness Podcasts are influencing YOUR podcast listening perspective!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's More Holy Than The Gillian's Island Theme Song?

I've had the pleasure of working with an impressive creative spirit in the form of Shelly Schneider for more than a year now as one of the many podcasters on my network. She's been absent a while but not for good reason. She's recently crafted her FIRST BOOK, which will be available everywhere, and also available on our network. I'm proud to announce that she's returned to the podcast realm for a new season of great, family-based, Mom-perspective podcasts that I know you will enjoy. Congratulations, Shelly!

With that said, enjoy this brand new "Life on the Half Shelly" Podcast and please be sure to use her feedback form to send her feedback to congratulate her on a very impressive achievement. -Mike2GuysTalking

The Life on the Half Shelly Podcast:
Gilligan's Island and Being Holy(er)

"Lately, I've been praying for the desire to be more "holy". And during lent I tried to put that desire into practice. I'm human though, and being holy isn't even a day-to-day thing, it's a minute-by-minute thing. On a recent Lenten Wednesday, I chose to be right - not holy. I grew up watching the shows that TVLand and Nick at Nite now call "classic". Does that make me feel old? You bet. Do I care? Of course not..."

Also: Look for more details about Shelly's New Book, "Life on the Half Shelly", in stores and on Amazon.Com soon!

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Were you a Bully? Ever a Bully Victim?


They've been the focus not only of recent Internet-based laws, but of memories captured forever inside of millions of children's and even adult life experiences. The power of the Bully in general has sparked books, graphic novels, commercials, videos and even feature films, and now graduates with true 2009 flair, as a new reality television show from MTV emerges. But what the hell are we REALLY talking about here? Are we simply going to see more poor, pimply-faced kids get picked on? Are we just going to see the proverbial verbal smackdown and push matches that get out of hand as the hand-held cameras capture it?

Absolutely not.

MTV has concocted a strange but sinfully satisfying recipe that combines some of the most exposive life-experiences people have, with one of the fastest up-and-coming and popular sports, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to create "Bully Beatdown".

My name is Mike Wilkerson and while I've been the focal point of plenty of bullies in my life (many of which will be reading this, thankfully), I've learned to collect the ultimately beneficial referential information I got from those times and use them as incentive to create. Like anything else, they've guided the way I have become an adult, husband, father and successful entrepreneur.

Back then it was cartoons, art and more. Today, I'm proud to announce that thanks to THE SAVAGE SCIENCE, we'll be we'll be creating a series of on-going reviews of MTV's "Bully Beatdown" hosted by "Mr. Mayhem" himself, Professional Mixed Martial Artist Jason Miller. Jason brings to this project not only the ferocity that he shows his opponents in the ring, but a sense of style and ambition that makes people smile, erupt and understand how much passion there is inside of the sport of MMA. Read on below to see just how MTV has provided viewers of all kinds, whether you were the Victim or the Bully, or those standing on the sidelines as we visit this week's SAVSCI "Bully Beatdown" Review.

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