Monday, December 17, 2007

Ahh, the Whitewater River of Hollywood...

I have to give Hollywood one thing in particular - regularly. I am always appreciative of the things I have when news arrives from the netherrealm of celebritydom.

In the headlines of CNN just now, it was announced that (insert drum-roll.wav) newlyweds Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are divorcing after a lackluster and expected short 9 weeks together.

In an earlier post today, I mentioned my wife and our relationship and it is simply beyond me how people that should have so much more experience, caution and realllly pot-holed over-the-Hollywood-road travel can continue to jump feet-first into holes of consequence.

There are bad experiences that you didn't expect and then there's "I'm an idiot" and Pamela and the lackeys she attracts are pegs that regularly fall into the latter hole. Speaking of holes...

For those that don't remember, Pamela Anderson had married Rick Salomon whose claim to fame was having sex with Paris Hilton on videotape.

That's would have made an interesting Christmas card.

A note to just about everyone on the planet - I recommend a "deeper" review one one's personal skills and personality traits before getting married. :)

Enjoy the read via the link below and though I just told her when I dropped her off at work recently, "I love you, Gloria!" :)

Source: CNN.Com

A Wendy's Wallop...

It wasn't too many months ago that Wendy's, the nation-wide fast food chain, disappeared from the St. Louis area, literally overnight. Apparently an ill-managed conglomerate that owned all of the Wendy's locally had - drowned - for lack of a better term and hence, overnight, each of the area Wendy's were boarded up, employees left hanging with either no checks or rubber ones, and the Wendy's footprint in the realm of St. Louis became smaller than even the tiniest frosty.

Fast forward to December 2007.

There had been "coming soon" signs, contractor vans, and stocking trucks of all kinds arriving at where our nearest Wendy's used to be. I honebustly thought that it was going to be a different restaurant because the inside was getting a complete makeover, the outside some new ornamentation, and frankly - I didn't think we'd see Wendy's back here for some time. Yet, each time I saw some of the new advertisements on teleivion for it, I somehow hoped - nay - KNEW that one day, the land of Wendy would stretch to our vantage point again. I was not disappointed. Two weeks ago, the Wendy's that I am typing in right now during my lunch hour opened for business, and business couldn't be better.

From the the several father/son tandem groups, to the entrepreneur with a laptop in the corner, to just about every walk of life you can imagine, this place is hopping. I've been here three times in the last two weeks during lunchtime and it is ALWAYS packed. There is always a wait for a seat (thankfully not a long ones) , the food is always fresh and outstanding, and I am very satisfied with just about every aspect of my consumer experience here at this new Wendy's. It's a great place to eat, while not breaking the bank, it's close to work, and I am continually surprised at the variety of people that wander through the door.

Did you have a recent "Wendy's disappearance" in your area? Let me know what you think of Wendy's food and be sure to

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Career to Follow...

I have been following Mike Okuda's career since his involvement in STAR TREK: IV. I challenge all of you to show me a gentleman that has as much talent, diverse interest and participation as Mike Okuda. Mike's interesting career accomplishments continue into something even more intresting, especially to me, when he designed the logo/mission patch for what is man's next Moon Mission effort, ALTAIR.

Check out the article here at STARTREK.Com, which is also a great place to learn more about Mike Okuda - the perfect sample of a Trek fan making a difference, and impression and a legacy.