Thursday, May 15, 2014

You'll Find the Spider-Man: at 3:04PM...

I can remember when I was 6 years old, living in the outskirts of Chicago in a town called "Schaumburg." Back then, while it still was home of the "Largest Mall in America", there were still many cornfields that surrounded the Versailles Apartments. The largest and nearest playground (right behind the building that my parents and I lived in) was made up of a basketball court, a series of jungle gyms and a field, that weren't only the places we'd escape to - there were the transformation platforms for Brett, Joong,  Billy, Reggie, Ginny and I. "To Transform into WHAT?" you ask? Superheroes - that's what.
We all had our favorites: Brett was ALWAYS Superman. Joong chose Batman more than he chose Captain America. Brothers Bill and Reggie would choose Batman and Robin when Joong would take the Captain America route, and then change-out to Iron Man and Thor when Joong chose the Dark Knight's cowl. Ginny was the prettiest blonde Wonder Woman, and I - well they all avoided the role that only one of us could truly fill each week in our urban field of imagination: I would of course be SPIDER-MAN.
It wasn't a hard choice. Each day during the school year, I'd run home to get home before 3:04pm, to watch (what I eventually learned were something called "syndicated re-runs of) Spider-Man (The Animated series) on Channel 32, WFLD. Each day, I'd arrive inside my parents apartment, shed my backpack and windbreaker randomly to the floor, turn on the wood-grained tube, tune into Channel 32, tune my voice and begin singing the jazzy action durge that oozes excitement.
Each episode was filled not only with adventure, not only action, but lessons imparted with truth, justice and "responsibility" - as well as some good old dramatic cheese that was better than anything I could possibly put on a cracker. Two sets of commercials could come way too fast back then, but - indian-style in front of each and every episode of Spider-Man made for more than an incentive to keep a child's attention during the school year or otherwise.
We are on the cusp of yet another incarnation of everyone's favorite webhead launching inside of America's theaters, in front of thousands of children and adult eyes - some for the first time - others like me, adding to the yarn that began being spun so many moons ago. Regardless of where you might stand in the rung of times ladder, you too probably feel the excitement not only in the air, but in life. The anticipation builds as Peter, Gwen Stacy, Captain Stacy and a certain aunt and uncle I've known as long as any of my REAL aunt and uncles prepare to lure me into the local cinema to spin webs and stories that will keep the fire of Spider-man Fandom alive. Recently, one of my 2GuysTalking co-hosts, David Carite and I, finished another of our great "Perspective Reviews", that go back and visit the 2002 feature film "Spider-Man", directed by Sam Raimi that provide you not only a great review of the film, but also talk about the hype we remember about the film, where we saw it, the money that it made, but also where we think the franchise is going. It's another great entry, as sure and as satisfying as any of the comic book s I read when I was a kid and embodies the spirit of anyone's love of superheroes.
Take a moment to click the links below to listen not only this first great Perspective Review of the 2002 classic starring Tobey MaGuire that was just one of the many great dips you can take to experience some of the same feelings I did with my friends in a playground so many years ago, with my friends from NOW.
Click Here to View the Entire 2GuysTalking SPIDER-MAN Perspective Review Series Episodes
Click Here to Listen to The 2GuysTalking Perspective Review of Spider-Man (2002)
I'm certain that when you're done listening, you'll be ready to join the cavalcade of memories and comment about YOUR experience below - in the comments section.


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