Sunday, November 22, 2009

FlashForward Podcast - an episode review of "Believe..."

As the holiday weeks approach, we're given a dramatic LOST-like revisit to the realm of FlashForward. A dabble in the land of the rising sun, more subtitled foreign-language brilliance and an explanation for past hopelessness that makes an overall character picture become crystal clear - almost. It's time to the 2GuysTalking: FlashForward Podcast review of "Believe" an episode of ABC's new hit show, FlashForward here on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network!

This review, like many of my online feature film and television review podcasts, will be done in a "stream of consciousness" format, providing you essentially what I think as the episode airs. Follow along to the points provided herein and be sure to chime in and tell us what YOU think of this episode of FlashForward...

-- An Explanation: Bryce has Cancer: Explaining optimism: I truly happy that we're finally given some explanation of Bryce's immense depression, his almost-suicide, his overzealous optimism and some perspective. Cancer, especially the kind that's showcased here can play havoc with anyone's emotions and thought processes and we're center stage as we experience it here. It's taken 2 months for us to get it, but it's very welcome here in week 9 of FlashForward.

-- A Dabble of Heroes-like Japanese Crossover: One of the aspects that I've always loved about HEROES, is their interaction between ALL of their Japanese characters, which is then subtitled for the audience. I have and will always be a fan of this because of the "secret knowledge" that is bestowed up on viewers of shows and movies like this that helps to paint an entertainment picture AND allows people to better understand the value and usage of opened captions. Be sure to check out The 2GuysTalking CAPTION HUNT Project, to understand more about the captions, subtitles and more in today's modern entertainment experience at CaptionHunt.Com.

-- Another distracted character: One of the values of Bryce, since the FlashForward, is that he's been a very solid POSITIVE presence inside the cast. As we get into this episode, it looks as though they're going to shove him off the cliff of serenity, and grant us another chaotic character that will remove that a positive influence from the show. I'm hoping that it's a short visit to desolation because there's already enough negative inside of this show's make up. I'd hate to think that everyone in the show is going to take a negative tack.

-- A bounce to the day of the Blackout and more: Several times in this episode, it seems as though we're drifting backwards in time to revisit things that have happened. Only once are we told that one of the scenes actually occurring before the blackout so - it sometimes becomes difficult to understand what we're seeing. At this point we're actually dealing with 4 streams of consciousness: The past, the current, the potential future (usually via FlashForwads) and then some kind of dreamlike state that several characters in the cast have experienced. I think I was following alright but I wanted to ask what YOU thought of the variations of "time" and how it's effecting the storytelling inside of FlashForward. Were you "lost" at all during this episode? What do YOU think of the varying time viewpoints and showcases inside of this episode? Let us know what YOU think by accessing our website at FlashForward Podcast.Com. Click on the Contact button on the top right hand side of the page and let us know what you think of the varying time perspectives provided inside of this episode of FlashForward.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Podcasting & Video - More New Media Knowledge...

Lake St. Louis/Dardenne Prairie Chamber of Commerce New Media Series

What is it?

How to use social media for marketing?
How it can work for your business?

This Session’s Focus: Podcasting & Video for Business Success
by Mike Wilkerson from 2GuysTalking.Com

August 17, 2009
8:00 A.M. - 10:00A.M.

NISC - Lake St. Louis
One Innovation Circle

While Twitter and Facebook have taken the proverbial bridle for New Media, there are other standbys that can change the way you your business can market itself and succeed. Learn more about the details, benefits and what-ifs regarding two tools that millions are using to convey their thoughts, services and causes with 2GuysTalking’s Mike Wilkerson, at the next of a series of New Media-based sessions brought to you by The Lake Saint Louis Dardenne Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce.

Special Note: This isn’t just a “come learn about the stuff you can learn for free” event - we take your business, put it in the spotlight of how New Media can help you and get the initial root of something special growing for YOU at this event! Join us on the 17th and during the subsequent months to get the information YOU need to help grow your company’s digital footprint!

It’s time to take the new tools the Internet is providing you and make the difference in your business and organization! Come on out and let’s have some fun learning “new things” about New Media and put your interest and commitment to making your company better to work now!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Movies that Veterans Love...

A day that every American should remember arrives today, the 11th day of the 11th month of every year. It echoes in perpetuity, providing all of us in the US with a continued wall of integrity, protection and honor via the many calls to duty that have been answered for hundreds of years.

Today is Veterans Day.

Have you taken the time out of your day to thank any of the many that have served? We here at Screen Rant wish to thank each and every man and woman that has given their time and often times their lives to ensure a more perfect union. Last year we had one of the most active threads in Screen Rant history, sharing the many great War/Military movies that dance in our memories this time of year. This year, we thought that instead of getting a similarly compiled, all-too-familiar list, we’d ask those who have served to share a listing of “The Movies that Veterans Love.”

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