Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deadly Discs and Recognizer Alerts! A Second Tron is Coming!

In 1981, two young men on the outskirts of Chicago came to one undeniable realization: There were few things that a pocket full of quarters, a hot dog from the venerable "The Hot Dog Place" and an ice cold can of Coca Cola couldn't cure.

My best friend friend Jeff Allen and I were TRUE video game fanatics - living, breathing extensions of push buttons, joysticks and spinning controls of all kinds. If it wasn't piggy-backed on-top-of-each-other marathon sets of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR., Popeye, all flavors of Pac Man or >GASP< Centipede, it was our love of landmark sessions of Star Castle.

We always wondered where video games would "go." How we would spend next week, our days after school through the summer at "Electronic Gameworld" which literally became "our world". When we weren't either in front of Jeff's Atari 2600 (complete with a wall of games that we could have built a house from) or sitting forever in front of my Intellivision (with me kicking his ass at 'Baseball') , we were asking each other "Gameworld?" and responding "Dude..." - the universal sign of the times back then that it was time to jump on our magged dirt bikes and roll.

One day after completing our snake-skin-tired jaunt to Gameworld, we saw a poster stuck on the Wall with a man - reaching toward the sky, a bolt of blue energy seemingly "entering his body" and a shapely hot chick with "light comin' out of her boobs" (Jeff always had the best way with words).

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Denzel as Obama: Yeah, but...

America had the honor of installing it's first African American president in January of this year. Barack Obama has not only made a mark in history because of his heritage, but because of the mark he's left on the American public in more ways than one.

His ability to have the public lean forward into their televisions. The talent to command even the most elusive teleprompter. Winning an election by one of the largest margins ever in American history. It's almost as if he's become a rock or Hollywood movie star. So much so that it was recently announced that actor Denzel Washington as been personally selected by Obama to portray the 44th US President in a future biopic.

We find the selection one to be expected but is Denzel is the right man for the job? What about a series of other actors that have the chops and physical characteristics similar to our new black man in the center seat?

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cross the Blue and Take Your SHOT! The Light the Lamp Podcast!

Those of you with the taste for HOCKEY have a new entree at The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network. Be sure to check out the newest addition adding a decidedly great-white-north flavor - "The Light the Lamp Podcast" featuring hosts Grady Roy and Scotty Fitzpatrick. Together they're providing you the best conversational news, views and insight to get you educated while watching the activity between the blue lines!

Check out The Light the Lamp Podcast now and be sure to contact hosts Grady Roy and Scotty Fitzpatrick to tell them YOUR views, theory and help them to Light the Lamp!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blu-ray: Is It Time to Make the Move?

Mike Wilkerson For those of you interested in home entertainment, please take a moment to visit ScreenRant.Com and view my most recent feature article asking the question, "Blu-ray: Is It Time to Make the Move?"

From ScreenRant.Com
Staff Writer, Mike Wilkerson:

Our desire for new technology continues to be stoked from every direction: The internet, store sales on every shelf, magazines and postal bombardment abound. While “big box” stores are closing their doors left and right, the unmistakable, always-anticipated internal screams of “time to upgrade” continue to echo throughout consumer minds everywhere. It opens eyes, web browsers and imaginations soliciting the question: What’s next?

So I’ve decided to take you on a Screen Rant-based Tech and Opinion Hunt not only to find out the direction of my next home theater acquisition, but to ask what will make YOU decide when the time will come to “go Blu-ray.” Be sure to chime in with your comments below and help round out the perspective on an often fiery and opinionated discussion that we hope will educate many.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All-Star Weekend - Memories...

As we approach one of the most vibrant times in St. Louis sports history with the 2009 All-Star Game onthe burner for tomorrow evening (featuring players of all kinds, President Obama, events that spark imagination) I am continually reminded of a special time year ago in old Busch Stadium. I hope you'll take a short Time Machine Search visit with me to my day, on the field, with Fredbird, thanks to my life-long pal and Dr. Extraordinaire, Mark Halstead. Enjoy it as much as it makes me smile when I think of it.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Moon Machines - Not only has my recent imagination and attention been full of Moon Landing thought, this new item again from In the Shadow of the Moon composer, @phillipSheppard offers you some great detail about a show called "MOON MACHINES" Read it and "share it liberally!"
I've just followed composer @PhilipSheppard the creative force behind "In the Shadow of the Moon" score and found a wonderful sample of his music. My Deaf and Hard of Hearing readers will especially appreciate the deep, resonating sound of the cello in this piece. Again, more BRILLIANT work from a many I hope many more come to know, appreciate and share. Thanks @PhilipSheppard
I've gotten some great comments on the "Top 5 Astronaut Movies" article over at ScreenRant and hope you'll add to them!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Top 5 Astronaut Movies of All Time

Please do take a moment to review my inaugural article for a website I have dreamed of writing for, "ScreenRant" - which published my first article this evening. First up, a topic dear to my heart - HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT in "The Top 5 Astronaut Movies of All Time" commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. Please DO COMMENT and tell friends!

The Top 5 Astronaut Movies of All Time
Via ScreenRant.Com - Mike Wilkerson

Everyone has looked up into a clear evening sky to conduct their own survey of distant pinpricks in the regularly-occurring blackness. Passing aircraft, the stars and that which is always largest in the night sky - the Moon.

July 20, 2009, marks the 40th Anniversary of man landing on the Moon, and to showcase a different flavor of that same obsession, Screen Rant’s newest writer (yours truly), dons his newly-minted writing/explorer spacesuit to provide a listing of the Top 5 Astronaut Movies - a look back at the best storytelling that put you into the shoes of those who have TRULY gone boldly where we hope many more men (and women) will eventually go.

Click here to view the entire article via ScreenRant.Com NOW!

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Break out the calendars! Learn more about NEW MEDIA!

Hi there everyone! I wanted to send a note to everyone in the St. Louis/surrounding area about a great event that's coming up in tandem with The Wentzville Chamber of Commerce. I'm going to be hosting the first of what I hope is an on-going series of informational events about new media with them and YOU'RE INVITED!

Check out the link below to the most recent Wentzville Chamber of Commerce Newsletter and please tell your friend and RSVP for an event that should be very well attended. Plan on lots of discussion and get your questions ready! I don't know everything, I'm not a "social marketing expert" (because there is no such thing) but I am creative, I have good ideas and I'm always willing to start new relationships that bring business to everyone and the economy. New Media will bring your business, and you personally completely different perspective and interaction that you'd have never had otherwise.

See you then and feel free to comment here! See you in August!

Mark Your Calendars!
Thursday, August 20th:

Social Media and All of Those Other Things People are Talking About!
Join us on August 20th when our featured speaker, Mike Wilkerson from 2GuysTalking.Com, fills us in on Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Podcasts and more.
What are they?
Why should my business be involved?
What other low-cost internet marketing tools are out there and are they right for my business?

Read on via Page 2 of the most recent Wentzville Chamber of Commerce Newsletter for July, 2009.


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