Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 24Podcast - Returneth!

I had the pleasure of promoting what is a literal return-to-roots moment this evening as I began the link of Email, Forum and Website promotions for a new addition for "The 24 Podcast" - the show that started all of this "2 Guys Talking" stuff way back when. We've recently completed and began promotion our review of the recent "24: Redemption" in prelude to the new, Season 7 of Fox' 24 beginning on the 11th of January, and it's great to be able to put an official note here on my personal blog as well.

Those of you that aren't 24 Fans yet, give the show and especially the podcast an opportunity in your life. I think you'll find that there is much to be collected in the way of entertainment from both and hopefully, you'll tell me what YOU think about them here.

Have a great listen, and a great evening!

"24 Podcast: The 2GuysTalking Podcast Returneth to The Land of 24!

What do you get when you have a 16+ month layoff from what used to be one of the most popular television shows of all time? Anticipation for what is the most recent chapter of the Worst Days of Jack Bauer's life - that's what! The Award-nominated 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast is proud to return to their roots as they return back to the land of Jack Bauer and review the recent "24: Redemption" that leads us into a grand new Season 7 of 24 on January 11th!

Click here to read the official press release of our REDEMPTION Review...

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Splendor of a Great Omlette...

Mondays during the holidays are terribly strange for me. This one was no exception. As we approach the end of what has been an outstanding 2008 not only personally for me and The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network, but for me as a web and graphic designer at my 9-5er. This morning I had an appointment in downtown St. Louis that coincided perfectly with what was dropping my Father, Bonus Mom and Stepbrother off at the new St. Louis Train Station downtown and an opportunity to take advantage of what doesn't often fall onto the Wilkerson plate: free time.

After dropping my family off, I arrived at my destination almost 2 whole hours early and headed for the establishment's Cafeteria to find some grub before diving in today and - boy did I find the grub. Breakfast has always been my most favorite meal and while I don't eat it often there are opportunities that arise that require me to imbibe in what is often the most satisfying meal I'll have in any given day.

It's hard to explain the distinction and general satisfaction factor of an omlette but I'm going to give it a shot.

There are few things that seem as though they would be so "easy" that can often go so awry. In my life I've had the opportunity to have what I've considered to be great omlettes, and then the unfortunate happenstance where - boy - how do you screw up an omlette? Sadly, it's all too possible though this morning was on the decidedly positive side of the spectrum.

This morning a great lady named "Deb" grinned at me and took my order for what was easily one of the most inexpensive yet satisfying eating experiences ever. For a grand total of $3.59, I was able to enjoy what was the best sausage, bacon and mozzarella omlette I've had this year. While omlettes can vary depending on the chef, in general you have several layers of wonderfully cooked egg, the ingredients that should always be fresh, and it's GOT to be served HOT - and boy was it.

Whether an omlette is cooked like my wife makes them (more along the lines of deliciously-shaped scrambled eggs with stuff in it), or like "Deb" was able to make for me this morning, there is something serene and intensely satisfying about an omlette. This one featured almost-crepe-like, rolled layers around some of the best, freshest bacon I've ever had, with just a kick of round semi-spicy breakfast sausage rolled in highlighted with a whisp of some very creamy mozzarella cheese. The smell of what was inside of my non-descript white foam box was intoxicating. Couldn't Burger King have come up with THIS scent rather than the "Broiled Hamburger" scent offered recently?

In any case, color me culinarily-satisfied on this very early, Monday pre-meeting Monday as we end the year that was 2008. I look forward to your comments and hope that if YOU TOO are an omlette mystic, you'll chime in and let me know what YOU think!

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When Luck and Soundtracks Collide...bear

As I accumulate more great interviews, and the podcast portfolio continues to expland, I am continually reminded how LUCKY I am. Recently another production company contacted us about getting some free TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronciles Soundtracks and it turned into what is one of the best interviews we've had to date. Be sure to check out the intensely conversational and fun 2GuysTalking Interview with composer from TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chrocniles and Battlestar Galactica, Bear McCreary. I look forward to your comments and participation!

"The 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast Shows You What's Under the Hood of TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

It's always CLEAR who the "stars" of shows like TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are, but let's be plain - don't we all REALLY wonder about the people that REALLY make the show what it is? The one's that make the show "go?" Join the TERMINATOR Podcast as we continue a series of "Under the Hood" Interviews as we welcome award-winning composer Bear McCreary, of TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Battlestar Galactica fame as we continue some of the best interviews the TERMINATOR realm has to offer!

Included in our discussion, Bear tells us more about:
- How People Deal with His "Age..."
- Who Are Bear's Mentors/Favorite Composers/Inspirations?
- What Is Bear's Stance on Audio Piracy?
- How Can Young TV and Movie Soundtrack/Score Composers Get In the Game?
- Upcoming Soundtrack Projects on Films, Video Games and More!
and a whole lot more!

It's a chance for you to take a peek "Under the Hood" of Fox' TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it's ONLY from The 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast!
December, 2008 Podcast Running Time: 43min.
Recorded at 2GuysTalking Studios via 2GT Teleconference

--- Listen to the Free MP3 File Now!

--- Visit The TERMINATOR Podcast Website

--- Subscribe to The TERMINATOR Podcast via iTunes Now!
http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=152385923 "

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Crashing into a Moose? Cabin Fever? Dynamite Doggy? Ha!

There’s no denying it - I am an unabashed true fan of Mythbusters - a program on The Discovery Channel (in HD is just breathtaking) that takes on every single known urban myth and many that aren’t yet known - much like the ones presented in this strangely explosive, frigid and entertaining myth showcase from the great white north featured here at The 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt Project!

Click Here to Read About The Mythbusters Investigation of Alaskan Myths!

A 2009 I Hear Your Podcast Contest Winner! Congratulations!

Greetings everyone! First, thanks to all of the fine podcasters that submitted their podcasts to our annual contest for 2008! We're always amazed at how popular podcasting has become and how people are flocking to The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network to help make their podcasts happen! Of the 4 final entries we have a winner! The Winner of the 2009 2GuysTalking "I Hear Your Podcast" Contest, sponsored by Sprint's RelayMO, Acoustica's Mixcraft Recording Software and Ability Interpreting is:

The 2 Guys Talk About Games Podcast!
Listen to Their Contest Entry Now!

-- Two Guys Talk About Games:
Congratulations to the dynamic duo who review video games and related news of all kinds! Video Games are something that continue to take the world by storm! The 2Guys Games Podcast is - Two Guys - Talking About Video Games on a variety of gaming consoles providing you with entertaining banters.

Visit their website for more details about their show, previous shows and be sure to look for more here in the new year as they provide a great new flavor to the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network!


We're also proud to announce our 2009 runner-up:

The Hip Hop Fitness Podcast!
Listen to Their Contest Entry Now!

The Hip Hop Fitness Podcast:
It's a perfect time to change the way you live and to include FITNESS! Fitness has to be fun, entertaining and innovative for it to work. Why not take engaging fitness, and add in some great, Hip Hop music to make what is the best all-around Hip Hop Fitness Podcast? IreneB leads the pack with this great podcast model.

Visit IreneB's website for more fantastic music, pictures, and look for more soon as the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network takes fitness to a completely different level in 2009!


Congratulations to both of these fine podcasts, and again our thanks to all of this year's competitors and those that submitted their shows originally! We will be running yet ANOTHER "I Hear Your Podcast" Contest in 2009 and hope that you'll continue to listen to all of the podcasts on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network!

Blood, Gore, Death on Christmas? It's Not The News: IT's FIRST BLOOD

While many of you have taken time to map our a schedule filled with "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas Vacation, there are those that choose to watch other things on Christmas Day. My "Bonus Mom" MaryAnn (who is visiting with us with my Father this week) has always been enamored with the movie, "First Blood" and there's no mystery why, frankly. Between having some of the best script-writing ever, the no frills action, the budding of several now huge star careers and acting that just simply can't be equaled in today's cinematic landscape, First Blood, starring Sylvester Stallone, Brian Dennehy, and a cast of people no one used to know is now one of the classic pieces of feature film lore and is the focus of this strange but truly informative 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt Review.

Click here to read the rest of this great, entertaining review at The 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is That All There Is?

Astronauts Pete Conrad and Al Bean completed their lunar exploration goodness and saddled up for home on November 24th, 1969 - looking at each other before departure, they asked:

“Is That All There Is?”

When I look at the vast and growing landscape of personal electronics and look at my own backpack and home office I too sometimes wonder: Is that all there is?

Click here to read the rest of this entry at The St. Louis Blogger's Guild...

Monday, December 15, 2008

What Is Forgotten at Xmas Time: A Free Common-sensical Gift

How many of you have ever been called - inconsiderate, uncaring, opinionated or tactless?

That's what I thought. You may find this strange, but definitely helpful in finding out what "this time of year" is all about.

While at an eating establishment in my neighborhood, I had completed ordering a sandwich, salad and drinks for my daughter and I and the lady taking my order tells me "I've gotta' head home and take care of my 6 children tonight." I smiled and said "That's terrific - it's a great time of year to appreciate your family and whoo - it's cold tonight, isn't it?"

"What's THAT supposed to mean?", said the mother of 6 angrily.

After instantly donning my Bambi/Innocence mask, I smiled sheepishly and said, "What's what supposed to mean? I asked you if it was cold outside and that it was great to appreciate one's family this time of year?" After sloshing my change to the countertop and rolling her eyes and heading for the proverbial coat rack and tossed my ticket to a coworker and muttered "unbelievable."

Was I on Candid Camera/PUNK'D or something? How on Earth was I standing at the counter of a local eatery, counting my change and somehow feeling "bad" for making friendly, benign conversation? After waiting a moment expecting the camera crew and show host to show up, I realized that I wouldn't end up on a syndicated re-run of a popular television show and headed for the nearest booth. As my daughter and I sat down and waited for our order to arrive, clanging kitchenware sounds emminated from the behind-the-scenes confines - muffled voices providing an underlying inaudible soundtrack for those who happen to be able to hear at that frequency. As we sat down and took off our coats and winterware, I saw the woman exit out the back of the place, who had clearly been crying. The door she used to exit slammed closed like shutters in a strong winter storm.

What on Christmas-time, central-mid-west EARTH was going on here?

A short few minutes later, our food arrived courtesy of the manager who then proceeded to apologize for her employee's bahavior.

Suddenly the strange became stranger.

"Please accept my apologies for (her) behavior. She's got some personal problems at home and I'm sorry that you were the recipient of some inappropriate behavior. She's having her 7th baby in May."

Alright - points for a stand-up manager, but was it REALLY hard to discern what was going on at home for this lady? 6 children, the holidays, needing to take on a job that was probably something she had no interest in doing and of course - another baby on the way. As my reasoning skills began to spin wildy, I then realized: While the inappropriate behavior of the employee was up there on the Wilkerson Gooney-Crap-O-Meter, how even MORE grossly inappropriate was the MANAGER's behavior - in offering up personal information about one of their workers? My inner logic champion was screaming for the floor, but somehow I was able to surppress the need to launch a volley from the big verbal guns and said, "I see. I've no idea what to say to that." As my eyes began to dry, I reached out to grab the food we'd ordered several less-uncomfortable minutes earlier and began what was a delicious meal with my daughter as the manager exited stage left.

Thus, the wheels of logic began to turn again.

Where is the self-control in all of this for any of the players involved?

I have never understood the propensity and "requirement" of people to bestow personal life details on people that - just really don't need to have that kind of information conveyed to anyone, especially a perfect stranger. While I sympathize for the woman who is expecting her 7th child, somehow my wife and I have been able to have one child, and no more yet, because we're not ready both in life experience and - time. While I'd never confront someone in this situation with the condom/abstention/insert something other than humping/having sex argument, the fact is still out there, isn't it? In regard to the manager, while stepping up and taking the "shoulder" for her employee's errant behavior, where is the common-sense understanding that's supposed to be part of the equation when talking about an employee's personal information? The only person in the here, displaying any self-control was ME - for not opening up the big-guns on the situation that was - at best - strange.

All of us know someone, whether it's a friend, a coworker or some other relationship in our lives that continue on this strange even-during-the-holidays tradition of "volunteering-too-much-information" and it's time to offer them all something incredibly valuable. A gift that will hopefully provide them with a gift that will keep on giving and allow them to garner some great life experience and knowledge: the gift of invisible, personal scotch mouth tape. While it's a strange and rarely seen item, it costs very little (the time to offer up an opinion) and can eventually help to change the course of people's lives.

This season is all about helping people and I urge everyone to toss a couple of extra rolls of this magical material and provide it liberally those that mean the most to you during a season that should inspire.

Do you know someone who would benefit from this free, wonderous addition to everyone's personal life toolbox? Chime in here and tell us about it!

TERMINATOR Fan? A Podcast You Should NOT Miss...

If you're a TERMINATOR Fan, there's one required stop on your road to becoming a more well-rounded fan of the murderous robot/cyborg franchise. The 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast reviews the most recent episode of TERMINATOR: The Saran Connor Chronicles on Fox - "Self Made Man" offers you a fun, nitpickingly entertaining review of this most recent addition to the TERMINATOR mythos and invites YOU to join the growing number of fans that send "TERMINATOR Mail" to Mike and Tony - The 2Guys reviewing the antics of one Sarah and John Connor.

Listen Now!
Click Here to Listen to the Free MP3File!

Visit the TERMINATOR Podcast Website:

Subscribe to The TERMINATOR Podcast Now!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Givin' Back to the Fans! Free TERMINATOR Soundtracks...

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate the first of 10 winners to win a FREE TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Soundtrack via The 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast's "Complication's Tone Contest". Our first two winners are:

-- Emily Lidel - Brooklyn, NY

-- Gwen Bechtold - Cocoa Beach, FL

Each will receive a FREE TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Soundtrack on CD for providing us with the correct count featured in our recent review of "COMPLICATIONS" featured last week. We'll be giving away 8 more copies of this great new soundtrack this month before the end of the year so what are you waiting for?

Where else can you listen, count and win in the Internet? Simply listen to our episode review of TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles "COMPLICATIONS" here:


and use the contact form at our website ( http://www.terminatorpodcast.com ) to send in your contact information and tone count - that's it! Get the number right, and your name is entered into the drawing to win a FREE TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Soundtrack!

It's all part of the great TERMINATOR Fandom experience at 2GuysTalking and we hope that you'll give it a listen and tell a friend today!