Monday, August 28, 2006

A Visit to PRISON BREAK - Season 2 Episode 2

In what can only be described as a "nutty" marathon for my wife and I, we've successfully watched the entire season 1 DVD set for the television, PRISON BREAK. In true 2GuysTalking fashion, I began watching the second season when it started recently, and below are my comments for the second epispode that aired this evening. Enjoy and please feel free to comment below, or on the forums over at Twisted Lincoln, where I showcase these details live while watching.

Monday August 28th, 2006
A Review of PRISON BREAK: Season 2, Episode 2


I'm offering comments here via my laptop, untethered in the theater. According to my battery I've got 2 hours and 41 minutes to enjoy the goodness that is Prison Break. Let's see what happens here as I offer live commentary! As always SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED HEREIN!

-- Give that man a hand! Tony and I were talking about T-Bag's hand just at lunch this afternoon and he had said that if it's just re-attached at the Vet's office that he'd stop watching the show. I guess that means that we'll no longer be discussion the show with Twisted Lincoln. Smile Incredulously, T-Bag's hand is miraculously re-attached, at the Vet's Office, by a vet, in less than an hour, with no anaesthetic, and looking none the worse for wear.

-- Missouri Inna' house! Tweener jacks a wallet and behold! Missouri license (the older kind however)

-- Glaring Mistakes: Can anyone tell me how the Warden/Pope could possibly still be in charge at this point?

-- Back Comes Sgt. Scrooge! Sure as shit, there is the man that got "got" just a few scant hours ago returns to make a show in the show!

-- T-Bag Sure is Handy: Ok so he grabs the Dr. that re-attached his hand and cradles him with the arm that just had the hand removed while holding a knife to his temple. How about punching the stump? Those of you that have ever had a very serious cut knows how tender stuff like that is. Can you imagine the pain he'd have to endure if the doctor were to wind up and wail on the bloody stump? Let the stumpthrashing begin, Dr! Still there, Tony? If you are you're a hypocrite Smile

-- A New Show - COURTHOUSE BREAK! Are we really going to see the brothers not so grim breech the courthouse as well?

-- Casting Brilliance: I absolutely love the new FBI character played by William Fitchner. He's really got acting chops and they've put him in a beautiful showcase here. I really do hope they write his character well and let the man with skills shine.

-- Father/Son Convicts: Imagine this, folks. It's a hairy situation, surely.

-- Wolverine Healing Factor: Y'know, if Hugh Jackman ever drops out as Wolverine, I can see Dominic Purcell rolling into the role and playing him. I also am amazed that his character in the series, Lincoln, has amazingly healed from all the beat-your-assery that he's suffered through the last day and a half. Not a SCRATCH.

-- Situational Awareness: Y'know, recently a boss I know sent out a post about being aware of your surroundings. Do any of you think that you'd have paid attention to anything you'd seen in the newspapers about these felons to actually see, recognize and initiate the capture of them? Sample: here is the FBI's current most wanted:

Do you think that you'd have seen and be able to recognize any of thoes people if they were walking in your store, etc?

-- Tweener's College Vacation: It's amazing how he's able to have blended in already. And even more amazingly, he's found someone to share a ride to the college vacation capital of the United States, UTAH! Smile

-- One Person Responsible: Pope falls on his sword for BELLICK?? You've gotta' be kidding me. That they were going to get Bellick gone and propation for Pope was dubious at best, but wow. That was not at all anticipated or warranted.

-- Courthouse Break - the Series! I wonder if he's got 100 hours to get tattoos on the bottom of his bodyto help get LJ out? Better make time out to find the nearest tattoo shop.

-- Take It to the Bank: A short sequence with LJ sure, but now you understand the power of William Fitchner.

-- Cutesy Teenage Goodness: I was under the impression that we wouldn't be bludgeoned with teenagery in this series, and the more I see the escape attempts for LJ, the more convinced I am that we may just have a KimTastic situation here. Those of you that are "24" watchers, know who Kim is and I fear that we may have the male reciprocal on our hands.

-- Plastic Gun from Above: Oops! That went poorly. Also, make a note that an FBI agent should be able to recognize a plastic squirt gun painted black at a range of approximately 1 foot!

-- Sparking Bullets: Note to creators: most bullets don't spark when they hit or go through a surface.

-- Bets on Bellick: 6-1 he eat's a gun. YEP! Someone grab a mop. Well, perhaps not.

-- Note to Self: When destroying the Taj Mahal that you're genius convict friend with a Vice Presidential Brother Killer for a brother, turned escaped armed and dangerous felon made for you, please remember to use the HEAVY end of the lamp to destroy it with swings like Albert Pujols!

-- They Come to Us or They DIE! If T-Bag can find the one Vet in the Chicagoland area that can completely, successfully, and in record time re-attach his axe-severed hand, SURELY there is a deft school nurse or med student that can tend to Lincoln's messy, looks-like-shattered-bone, making me unable to walk or run gunshot wound! Smile

With 61% battery power left, I end this episode of PRISON BREAK.

Let's hear what YOU think about the above points and post your own here!

-- Mike Wilkerson
Co-Creator/Talk Show Host - 2GuysTalking
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bruno Kirby - GONE.

In 1989, there was a movie that touched my heart and much of the rest of my life in a variety of ways, that will always remain with me. "WHEN HARRY MET SALLY" means something different to just about everything, but one of the relationships that got lost in the film, was the relationship of a best friend: A confidante' that could "be there" and stand the test of time.

Bruno Kirby represented most of the "best friend" relationships that I've had through my life, where the friend cares deelpy about you, wants the best for you, but realizes that THEIR LIFE is the most imporant thing - the way it SHOULD BE :)

Today, I was sad to read the following announcement, and as I do my regular "groan into the phone" as I learned to do from Billy Crystal so many years ago, I remember one of the best character actors who will be SORELY mised.

Check out Bruno Kirby's LONG AND ILLUSTRIOUS Movie List at IMDB:


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Bruno Kirby, a veteran character actor who co-starred in "When Harry Met Sally," "City Slickers" and many other films, has died at age 57, his wife said Tuesday.

Kirby died Monday in Los Angeles from complications related to leukemia, according to a statement from his wife, Lynn Sellers. He had recently been diagnosed with the disease.

Read the Article Announcing Kirby's Death at CNN.Com:

Monday, August 07, 2006

More Than a Woman -- Ding! --

A strange post - surely, but interesting.

I was driving back home from a long day at the office, and the radio happened to be on when I turned on the engine and I thought I heard my "low on fuel chime". As I look at my deshboard of my 2005 Chevy Trailblazer, I noticed that there was 3/4 of a tank of gas left, and I raised a curious eyebrow.

About 20 seconds later, I heard it again!

Sure enough, after looking down again, I heard it another time.

I then realized that the sound I was hearing, was a chime in the Bee Gee's song "More Than a Woman."

I know - you're on your way to download it from iTunes, to check it out.

A strange moment I thought I'd chronicle in my day.