Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gabbing During LunchTime - The LunchTimeGab

Looking for something to do during YOUR lunchtime? How about listening to something called "The LunchTimeGab?" The LunchTimeGab is an online podcast that my partner Brian and I do each week, focusing on personal information, headline news, politics, and a focus on the feedback that we get from the 1000+ listeners that we've acquired in just 5 short months.

The show is available online at: and the theory goes a little like this:

You, along with your coworkers, have an hour of downtime each day, 5 opportunities each week to listen to a great 40 minute+ show while chowing down at your workstation. The best part of the LunchTimeGab, is that you've also got a fantastic set of online discussion forums with a variety of topics to chime in and "gab" about. They range from the Lounge, an area to talk about anything really, to news and headlines, a set for our 24-specific show, 2GuysTalking: 24, and a lot more.

The best part of the show is that it's completely interactive. You send in feedback either in the discussion forum, or via Email andy our comments make it on air!

In any case, another show is availble here, and ready to listen! There is also an episode breakdown of the details, as well as a complete archive of shows here. Give it a listen and also remember to visit our "Create Your Own Podcast" Contest, where we provide you what amounts to a free audience traffic, and the support to bring YOUR ideas for podcasts to life!

It's all about sharing our experiences, allowing people to talk about them as well as give us their opinions about the things that they care about. Enjoy and take just a second to chime in and gab at The LunchTimeGab!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Protesting a Soldier's Death?

I can remember about a month ago when I heard that this was happening, but I am happy (?) to report that their numbers are dwindling significantly. Still, the fact remains that there are those that will protest a young man's final senf off - I just have to shake my head at that one, folks.

I was reading CNN this evening and saw another great entry from Captain Dan, and thought I would point everyone there. He is a man that IS literally the boots on the ground experience, and helps to put everything into what is the "must be understood" perspective. My thanks again to Captain Dan, to CNN, and to the people that chime in to his post. "Helmut"'s brother would be and is proud. I'd like to hear what you think about it. Hit the link below and be sure to chime in at the LTG Forums.

Link to CNN - Captain Dan's Continuing Adventure:,2933,199794,00.html

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Instant Cure for "24" Hiatus...

---- 2GuysTalking: 24 - Action Busting
- A Super Even More In Depth Review of Day 5 7-8am
Real Life Experts Talk 24 w/ 2GuysTalking
Showdate: Tuesday June 20th, 2006
Running time: 33 min.
Recorded at 2GuysTalking Studios

Mike and Brian welcome real life emergency services experts and more to talk about the first hour of the 5th worst day of Jack Bauer's life. Our thanks to Dr. Mark Halstead, and Deputy Chief Mark Lockhart! This if the first of 24 great hours to come that will give listeners NEW 24-related content to live through the long hiatus! Enjoy!

-- Mike Wilkerson
Creator/Talk Show Host - 2GuysTalking: 24

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day #3 Arrives - Superb!

I don't know about the rest of you but I remember making Mother's & Father's Day cards and gifts from way back when. Whether it was a custom cartoon, or a homemafe card - a repainted can opener or a hot new MP3 player, I have always enjoyed providing for Father's Day. All of that was enhanced three years ago when I had my daughter, Jade.

The last 3 years, the middle weekend in June has become not only a noteworthy birthday moment for my daughter (born on the luckiest Friday the 13th, 2003), but helps me to enjoy the fact that I am now a father. It's a great time to reflect and see what kind of real accomplishemnts you've recorded in the last year, but also time again to enjoy the fact that because of you and your significant other/wife, there is another life in the world that gets to have the same sweet days that you have.

Today's day started at abiyt 9am when I awoke to the smells of scrambled eggs, maple sausages and blueberry toast - one of my favorite of all-time breakfast foods. My daughter came to tell me that it was time to eat, with my wife appearing from just around the corner where she had launched the scud message missle that is my daughter. What a cute duo they make. I threw on some clothes and made my way to a fantastic morning meal-clad table and dug in. Needless to say, my wife makes one of the best breakfasts there is and I am very appreciative that she gets my favorite meal right every single time.

After a quick morning shower, I put on my grubbies and Jade, Gloria and I headed to the yard to finish out some work for this coming weekends BBQ here at the house. Again, the fatherly wonder of seeing your daughter learn more and more each time as she interacts with nature is something I don't think I'll ever really "get past." Each time she sees a new bug, or a weird rock, or a new flower, it's a twinkle in a three-year-old's eye that makes this 36-year-old set of eyes wiggle with admiration, anticipation and magic.

After we got the few things completed in the yard, wedid a little bit of sprinkler dancing and headed to the truck to go and pay some bills before heading out to dinner with Grammy Renee' for Father's Day. A short stop to the local grocery store to pay the electric bill, a round-about drive to Target to provide payment, and a short stop at the local Sears Hardware store for some Father's Day browsing and some bill paying and suddenly dinner was a short 2 hours away.

A perfect opportunity for ICE CREAM! :)

After stopping at what is decidedly one of the most beatifully-packaged Dairy Queen stores here locally, we sat down to enjoy a Banana-Strawberry Shake, and a tasty sugar-free fudge-cicle. For those of you looking for an ice cream experience, without all the "bad stuff", I totally recommend the sugar-free options provided by your local Dairy Queen. Stop in and ask them about them so that they'll continue to carry them. After the creamy cold goodness of the ice cream had passed three palletes, it was time to head home.

A quick change of clothes and sprucing up led to some great news before heading out into the Father's Day evening - the podcasts, that my partner Brian Sirimaturos and I have been working on for 6 long months, has now officially become a regular show on the online broadcast network called "Radio Starfleet" which has been something we've been eagerly awaiting. It will offer us even more recognition and add to the thousands of listeners we enjoy each week. As our weekly showing on Radio Starfleet at 5pm/Central hit it's midpoint, it was time to head out to grab Grammy Renee' and get a bite to eat.

We got Grammy from work today, and a short 15 minute drive later we were waiting outside in a very nice, sunny with blue-cotton-like cloud riddled day, enjoying a conversation with anothe family that had come for some tasty food and the friendly confines of Longhorn Steakhouse. I ordered a "stuffed shrimp appetizer" that was one of the best I'd ever had. Deep fried (usually avoid it but hey - it's my day ;) ) Shrimp, with a variety of peper-jack cheeses inside was - wow - very heavenly. Not hot, creamy, and the shrimp really was done well. After that it was time to get into the main course. The ladies ordered Baby Back Ribs, and I ordered a tasty "Renegade Steak", made from only the best "corn-fed cattle in the land" which was
cooked to perfection. I have lucked out this entire year so far with ordering steak or cooking it at home and I hope the trend continues. As our dinner ended, I pulled the truck around for the ladies and we all piled in.

While I was pulling to the streetlight, the radio show I was listening to was talking about that "Odo guy from Star Trek, Rene Ah-whatever-no-one-can-pronounce-his name". Mike can pronounce his name so I called in quick and got on with Max, a dude that does a local entertainment movie and DVD show here each Sunday and was able to give him the details on Rene's last name, as well as some detail about the past STAR WARS CELEBRATIONS and the upcoming event in California. It was great to talk to a fellow entertainment enthusiast and I hope to have more interaction with him.

We dropped Grammy off at her apartment and quickly headed to Walmart for some new earrings for Jade, and some new shorts for me. The few shorts I have are showing the wear of summer and my lawncare, so I thought I'd pick up some new ones. A short truck-drive home later, I relaxed in the comfort of my office chair to write this year's breakdown of another Father's Day - come and gone.

My thanks to the lovely ladies that continue to make my Father's Days so special, but more importantly, a thanks to MY Father, who continues to make me understand how much I need him, his advice, and has provided me with much of my ability to be the Dad that I am and will continue to be forever.