Sunday, October 14, 2007

Transformers News...

Those of you that listen to any of the 2GuysTalking properties will understand the love of "The Transformers" in just about every incarnation. Whether it be the new, movie-to-be-released-this-week on DVD, or a most classic hair-band-music-pushed classic from the 80's there is "nuthin' but love" in the 2GuysTalking House for The Transformers. A new nugget has appeared however - let me explain...

While looking through the soundtrack section of my local Walmart, I found a "Transformers: The Movie", a re-release of the soundtrack, remaster with (insert drumroll) 4 new bonus tracks! Included with the original 10 not-to-be-missed items are:

11. Unicron Medley
12. Moon Base 2 - Shuttle Launch
13. Megatron Must Be Stopped (Parts 1 & 2)


14. The Transformers Theme (Alternate Version)

They are all outstanding offerings and truly do help to flesh out the picture of what is clearly one of the best pieces of the 1980's that I and millions around the globe have in their memory bank. Remember to be sure to listen to, not only our CLASSIC Transformers: The Movie Review via 2GuysTalking, but also our review of the Michael Bay film, Transformers, that hits stores on Tuesday this week.
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