Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Value of the Blog...

Over this last weekend, a great deal has happened. Whether it be my commentary on another episode of an endearing television show that takes up my time, the detail of my recent most-recent DVD acquisition, or the death of a croc hunter, I don't think I really realized the value of a blog or this website in general. Let me explain.

I have always known that I am "just another guy" but I have also always known that we all have inate talents that provide us with the opportunity at being something other than "just another guy. I continue to make those efforts each chance I get, as do other people on our planet, and we hope for the best.

The death of Steve Irwin has struck me harder than I had thought it might. My friend Robert and I had always joked about how insane, and crazy the man was - complete and utter apparent fearlessness when around the crocs, snakes, lizards - gosh, we won't have enough space here to showcase all the types of life he'd showcased in his many years. We also had said that eventually his time would come - nothing cruel or mean, but man - everyone know's it's a shake of the dice when you're working with wild animals - that's why they're called "wild". Sadly, while in the water with Stingrays, in what some are calling a sheer freak accident, Steve Irwin was pierced in the heart and died this last weekend.

Boy - and it's not a surprising thing, it's a "wow, I never thought it would be this soon" thing. The outpouring in general of sympathy and support for Steve and his legacy is simply amazing. Until recently it was mostly something I'd seen on the Web, but when I tuned into Larry King Live that featured people from throughout Steve's life, I didn't really get it. First up was a gentleman named John Stainton - who was Steve's manager and longtime friend who was on the boat that Steve was diving from. The feelings toiling inside this man are as though they are outside his skin. His bone-crushing sadness is so incredibly endearing and eye-opening that I wish everyone could hear just a few minutes of his account of what happened. It is so touching, and something that will etch itself in one's memory. It's not that Steve Irwin was a hero, a master adventurer, or even a "crazy Aussie that had his number coming up" - it's that he was an incredible father, husband and the greatest ambassador from Australia that leaves a legacy, the likes of which will not be matched for some time.

Additionally, they had a segment that immediately made me call Brian - that nearly drove me to tears. Bindi, Steve's 8 year-old daughter, was showcased in a variety of segment bits from previous shows and folks - it is such an incredible piece of luck that she had the time and literal adventures she did with Steve while he was alive and there in front of her.

In fact, she as well as his 2.5 year-old Bob have the benefit of YEARS of video that serve as a library, a testimate to a man that really did make a difference with the opportunities and talents provided, and I hope that I am able to leave at least as great a legacy, and system of remembrance, the way that Steve Irwin did for those that I eventually leave behind.

Hence, the value of this website, this blog, this LIFE.

What are your thoughts about the legacy you intend or want to leave for your family or society? Have you ever thought about it?

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Another Visit to PRISON BREAK: Season 2 Discussion: Episode 3

Once again I'm offering comments here via my laptop, untethered in the theater. According to my battery I've got 2 hours and 38 minutes to enjoy the goodness that is Prison Break. Let's see what happens here as I offer live commentary! As always SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED HEREIN!

-- More Great FUGITIVE-ness: Those of you that were wondering why so many shows take on the Tommy Lee Jones-ness "Every henhouse, farm house, etc" speech, it's because it's compelling. This one talks about fugitives leaving breadcrumbs that will lead the authorities to them. Even more information about "survival" is included here: Cheyanne Pepper closing up capillaries so that it will help with bleeding from a gunshot would: It's all part of what we as an audience want to see in a series like this.

-- It's All In the Bag: Everyone hates it when you leave everthing you need to disappear in a car that the authorities have probably already confiscated and inventoried.

-- The First Mistake: If I'm not mistaken, leaving your passports that you planned to use to leave the country behind is a rather HUGE mistake. Perhaps Michael and Linc can contact one of the Coyotes bringing illegals across and hitch a reverse ride into Mexico?

-- Bellick in All His Beauty: Not only do we get the racist hurry up "and check in the back for the oriental jerky" comments, but we get a spontaneous duke it all out brawl with Roy aka Mr. Scrooge from just last week who saunters in as a security guard at the quick stop gas station. When you pile on the use of the word "ass-hat" in the Roy Reunion phrase this was a neat little how-d-do segment between ex prison guards.

-- Impound Yard Costs: Having sadly been involved with an impound yard in the early 90's I can tell you that the prices they quote here ($60 and $45) to recover the car that was impounded sounds terribly low. A tow alone nowadays can run over $100 and I can only imagine one overnight fee price.

-- What's Up with Contacting Friends? I think it's been noted now 4 times from a variety of characters, that you shouldn't try to walk back into whatever your life was when you left. Sadly, Sucre feels the need to touch base with one of his "pendejo" friends, which should undoubtedly cause red flags to unfurl.

-- And Now CNote: CNote also makes the mistake of calling his wife to dish the goods about not only his location, but the plan to make sure that no one will ever find them after getting back together. Note to CNote: If your girl says that she's not going to be there, it's time to start a new life elsewhere - otherwise it is simply a countdown to the wrong side of a solitary confinement unit.

-- Chances of Scrooge and Bellick Getting Back Inside Fox River? The answer should be zero. The access to the chubby hispanic gentleman is something I don't understand in general.

-- Tracking Cellphones: Remember that the phone and it's tracking ability have to be activated on most cell phones.

-- Avoiding a Closely Following Motorcycle Cop: Something I've never understood about Close proximity poolice chases, especially on motorcycle, is the fact that a quickly stopping car/truck would make a mess out of a following-too-closely police motorcycle. Sucre must have missed that tidbit at getaway school. Full reverse also works in a crunch after being stopped.

-- Bad Man CNote: CNote touchses base wtih his daughter - again, I don't understand his need to get close to the people that'll get him caught straightaway.

-- Bags O' Body: Where did Linc and Michael get the bags o' body they put into the exploding Accord?

-- Vegas Marriage: Sucre arrives in New York only to realize that he needs to haul ass to Vegas. 1700 miles before the day is out on a cycle? That's not a mission I want to be on for sure.

-- Sara the Addict: Would they really allow Sara to roam freely, especially to her first AA Meeting after being responsible for one of the most prolific prison breaks in american history?

-- CNote's Romanticism: I want to be onboard with all of the hopes for CNote and his family, but the changes he takes really make me think he's in for a very sour future. And as we pull in on scene, there sits the FBI Agent ready to have a solid discussion with CNote's wife.

-- Nika, the Ex-Russian Angel: Once again, Nika saves the bacon, however she brings the ex-bacon to them as well. Will Bellick and Roy have the skills with which to bring in the brothers? Will they find any of the other escapees?

With 53% battery power left, I end this episode of PRISON BREAK.

Let's hear what YOU think about the above points and post your own here!