Monday, May 29, 2006

Smells Like Meat Spirit...

Memorial Day! Surely synonymous with family, fun and new movies, one other item harkens everyone's imaginations - BBQ!

My wife and I had some delicious chicken that she had cooked on our BBQ grill and we were short some milk for some muffins. I jumped into the Captain's Shuttlecraft and headed to the local QuikTrip to corral the moo-moo juice, and what before my wandering eyes shoud appear? A juicy steak - air freshener that is!

That right! You're not misreading me. I saw an actual "Steak Air Freshener"! I checked the packaging and shortly after having a wonderful dinner with my wife, I found pictures and links to the items themselves. Dig it:

The look is perfect, the smell (you can smell it through the bag) is not too bad. Smells like a Ponderosa-type smell, with a hint of sauce or additives perhaps,

Check out the website itself and think about ordering one. Of the things I've seen turned into air fresheners, this is one of those ones that isn't too strange and definitively different.

Happy Memorial Day!