Wednesday, November 02, 2005

For Those About to Sneeze... We Salute You...

This morning while stopping at the local Quik Trip to get some gas, the lady who was going to check me out covered her mouth and nose and offered up what I think is one of the wettest sneezes I've ever been party to.

Sternutation: The Official Medical Term for a "Sneeze"

Can someone tell me why people that work in retail environments aren't instructed to perhaps sneeze into their shoulder or sleeve? ANYWHERE but their hands would be outstanding, but good god what a perfect way to secure a "tip" on an .82 soda purchase.

I gleefully handed her a dollar and said "that's alright" and headed back to the protection of my SUV.

What do YOU think about people Sneezing?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'll Be Home for Xmas - Err, at Least HALF of Me Will Be...

I was looking through the destruction left over from the recent Halloween blowout sale at one of the local Walmarts recently and saw this picture:

Is this caucasian Santa and post-vietnam service edition African American Santa?

How about the Diff'rent Strokes Edition Santa diorama Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) and Arnold (Gary Coleman) sporting their holiday duds?

What a terrible representation. I asked the dude that was running that department what the deal was and he said "we don't know where his legs are."

How about any of the multitudes of stacked boxes in the store to use as a makeshift stage for the display? How about opening up one of the many they have in stock and making THIS "legless" one something they send back to the manufacturer?

What do YOU think?