Saturday, September 04, 2010

Creating Cinematic Atmosphere - Soundtracks Courtesy of John Debney

Soundtracks - Film Scores - The people that are responsible for creating great entertainment.

There have been many-an-episode of The 2GuysTalking Podcast that have focused on "sound." Even more that have focused on soundtrack, but relatively few have brought forth a true architect of the cinematic music realm

I am proud to announce the most recent "Under the Hood" Interviews with IRON MAN 2, PREDATORS and PASSION OF THE CHRIST soundtrack composer John Debney.

John was gracious to offer me the time to interview him where we learn more about "he brings it" to the proverbial cinematic table.

From the true nature of big bangs, overdone special audio effects to future projects, John gives us the details about being one of Hollywood's most sought-after composers of feature film music.

Share this interview with fellow movie geeks and be sure to tell me what YOU think about it!

Toy Story 2 - Aonther Great Perspective Review...

I've been a cartoonist - well - since I can remember sitting in front of a piece of paper. Over the years, there are few movies that fuel me - that light the inspirational idea fires that carry an afternoon, a concept or effort and Toy Story is truly one of them. In fact, ALL of the Toy Story films, from the first (1995), the Toy Story franchise has illuminated many a night and tonite was no exception!

I had the pleasure of welcoming in a fellow Digital Footprint specialist, Brad Hogenmiller, who spent an hour with me talking about this classic visit to the realm of animated toys that truly changed the game in regard to animated films. Read on below for more details and please be sure to tell us what YOU think not only of this classic first offering, but of the second two. We'll be reviewing Toy Story 2 & 3 over the next two weeks and we'll be using YOUR comments inside of our podcast reviews!

The 2GuysTalking
TOY STORY (1995) Perspective Review

2GuysTalking has been incredibly fortunate to feature reviews for a growing number of summer feature films for 2010. Toy Story 3 has been out for a month now and it's time for 2GuysTalking to take on a series of films that truly has changed the feature film landscape forever. We take on the first of three Perspective Reviews as we take on TOY STORY (1995)! Digital Dude Extraordinaire Brad Hogenmiller visits the 2GuysTalking Studio to talk about a movie that he saw when he was - 13! Ha! Be sure to tell us what YOU think of this classic and prepare for two more reviews as well! It's all classic, it's all fun and it's all from 2GuysTalking...