Thursday, August 05, 2010

PREDATORS: The Money, The Hype, The Good and Bad – Oh My…

Shortly after the announcement of "another visit to the land of Predators" provided the weight of a collected groan from fanboys worldwide. ANOTHER chapter of the oh-so-tired Predator and Alien venture? Really?

No, not really. No "Aliens" inserted in this one. JUST a revisit to the land of Predators. Hmm.

Could Hollywood somehow take on the mystical property again to the production line and create something new but somehow familiar?

Then came the announcement of the involvement of Robert Rodriguez in the producer. Suddenly, the original collective groan, became a mass leaning-in as the audience that was ready to rage now suddenly realized the possible: that perhaps life was about to be funneled into a formerly clubbed-to-death realm.

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