Monday, September 28, 2009

Transcripts for NEW 2GuysTalking Podcast Series...

Great news! 2GuysTalking's NEW "Savage Science Style" and "Screen Rant Style"- as well as our brand new "FlashForward Podcast" efforts, provide our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audiences with transcripts of our podcasts! It's the best way for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience to participate with everyone else who have been enjoying our podcast efforts for years. Please tell us what you think of the articles that comprise our podcasts! It's all about increasing the digital footprint!

Enjoy them now!

The Caption Hunt: Become a Fan via Facebook today!

I've been compiling a series of reports for over a year now, detailing which advertisements and companies have and haven't taken the time to close caption their commercials on television. Whether it's feature films, car companies, local news agencies or even political movements, you can now go to ONE place to get the scoop on the current caption climate in American entertainment. It's the 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt.

Our efforts have also been noticed by a number of organizations that are now sponsors to the program who allow us to continue our Caption Hunt effort. Please do visit them when you get the chance and thank them for their support! Without them we couldn't do it!

Fan the effort on Facebook now by clicking here! We'd love to know what YOU think!

Picture Capture from The US Small Business Conference...

I've just uploaded the still photos from last week's US Small Business Conference - the first of many! Many thanks to Twisted Lincoln's ( Tony Lovasco for taking the time to capture some great video which we'll be showcasing soon, as well as authoring a great DVD so that those that couldn't make it out can revel in the knowledge, fun, and educational topics featured at The US Small Business Conference. Enjoy the pictures and please do share!

Click here to see the pictures from the US Small Business Conference: St. Louis, MO

Caption Hunt Review ; The Ultimate Fighter: HEAVYWEIGHTS - Week 1

We've had a ton of fun and garnered a mountain of feedback while compiling the best buyer's guide for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing here at The Caption Hunt! Read on below and check out the most recent Caption Call - our review of the commercials and advertisements featured inside of the first week of SPIKE's "The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights!"

We were horrified to see the final numbers of commercials and advertisements that were closed captioned in this program. It's never been more clear to us just how important the mission is here at The 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt Project. Read on below for the details and - prepare - it is ugly. Be sure to read our weekly review of this same show over at SavageScience.Com as well and remember to tell us which companies YOU see that are offering up closed captioning in their advertisements - AND those that aren't.

-- The Ultimate Fighter has Kimbo promoting it - but has NO CLOSED CAPTIONS

-- Hey guess what, Dana White? Your final UFC 103 ad - has NO CLOSED CAPTIONS!

-- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ad has closed captions! Great work!

-- Lou Fusz Chrysler- Jeep - How about driving DEAF/Hard of Hearing Traffic to your business with closed captions?

-- Dave and Busters - is BUSTED AGAIN! Where are your captions for your exciting ads, D&B?

-- Tapout provides an advertisement in which no closed captioning is necessary

-- Burger King: how about another juvenile and idiotic commercial during The Ultimate Figh-- Oh wait, here's another with no closed captions :(

-- Hey Corona! How about taking the time to close caption those ads already? The Deaf/Hard of Hearing drink beer too!

Click here to read the rest of this report and prepare yourself for one of the LOWEST percentages ever recorded for Closed Captioned Commericals EVER...

X-Men Origins: WOLVERINE Blu-ray Features Review

It’s no secret that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was supposed to be the first “Blockbuster film of summer” - and wasn’t. While it offered some visually striking scenes, and frankly, more Wolverine, there was a lot left that didn’t stoke the fires of love in the house of Wolverine fans everywhere.

While our coverage of the movie conveyed all you’ll need to know about the feature film in general, what follows is a special Screen Rant review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s Blu-ray Special Features - an invasive, probing, look at the details NOT included on the regular DVD offerings, that promises to be at least as sharp as the steel tendrils that pumped adamantium into Wolverine himself. So like Wolverine, strap in, get prepped and ready as we crack the Blu-ray special features realm wide open here at Screen Rant.

Click here to read this rest of this review at ScreenRant.Com now!

Week 1: The Ultimate Fighter: HEAVYWEIGHTS on SPIKEhd

Viewing Date: 9-16-2009
Show Title: Ultimate Fighter: HEAVYWEIGHTS Week 1
Network: SpikeHD
Reviewed By: Mike Wilkerson

It's been way too long since the electrified pen of Mike Wilkerson took you on a magic MMA carpet review ride, but as we return back to the SPIKE-based realm of The Ultimate Fighter in its 10th season, the buzz of entertainment, education and fun engages! Two teams, led by two previous Ultimate Fighter contestants who have a true dislike of each other whet the whistle of all previous and new Mixed Martial Arts fighting fans tonight. It's time once again for a Savage Science review of the most recent season of SPIKE's The Ultimate Fighter! Strap in, knuckle up and prepare for a season of reviews like no other! One of this season's coaches standing in the final minutes of the finale in December about to get their belt back!

Click here to read the rest of this Week 1 Review of The Ultimate Fighter: HEAVYWEIGHTS!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Gelbart Gone at 81 - True Brilliance Lost...

I have many memories from when I was a child. I’m fortunate enough to be able to either podcast or blog professional about many of those memories in a variety of places on the web but a news alert today hit “home” in regard to entertainment and writing.

Click here to read the rest of this post...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures from DEAFestival - 2009 in St. Louis, MO

Don't miss out on the pictures 2GuysTalking captured at The St. Louis DEAFestival, August 29th, 2009 at the Kirkwood Community Center! It was an outstanding event that showcased the true spirit of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community!

Click here to see the pictures...

Remember to FAN The Caption Hunt Project on Facebook and many thanks to our sponsors that allowed us to make this photo capture session happen!

– RelayMO:
– Acoustica’s Mixcraft:
– Ability Interpreting:
– The Sacks Group:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lunching with The St. Louis Chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists!

Don't forget that we'll be speaking at The Society of Professional Journalists - St. Louis Chapter today during lunch hour! It's a great chance to understand more about how Podcasting can change the way that you convey your writing skill set and provide you with another great way to get your feet (and voice!) wet in the realm of New Media. Let me know if you're interested in attending and I've included information on how to get there, and the organization as well.

See you there!

Directions to The St. Louis Chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists:
Lucas Park Grille
1234 Washington Ave
St Louis, MO 63103
(314) 241-7770

Visit The St. Louis Chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patrick Swayze - a True American Original...

In life, there are often enemies that one cannot prepare for, see, or fight against, even after you understand you’re in a battle not just to win, but to live.

This week, we revel in the life and career of Patrick Swayze, a fallen on and off-screen soldier, who took an imposed 4-month death sentence, and turned it into almost 2 years of life that sealed the deal on a legacy full of integrity, memorable roles and scenes that will continue to push the envelope of television and cinema for many years to come.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Time to Wield a New Media Power Tool: Facebook?

New Media Series II
Time to FaceBook!
by Mike Wilkerson from 2GuysTalking.Com

Tuesday, September 15 , 2009
8:00 A.M. - 10:00A.M.

Morning Star Church- Dardenne Prairie
1600 Fiese Road
Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

It's taken the Internet, businesses, organizations and even personal lives by storm. Are YOU using FaceBook yet? Learn more about the Yea and Nay of the tool that growing millions are using to convey their thoughts, services and causes with 2GuysTalking's Mike Wilkerson, at the first of a series of New Media-based sessions brought to you by The Lake Saint Louis Dardenne Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce.

$10.00 Members

$20.00 Non-Members

Reservations Requested by September 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Secure in the Knowledge - A Tree Question...

A few months ago, a friend/customer of mine had surgery at a local medical facility. Rather than getting the usual flowers/crap that most give, I wanted to confirm that my friend was a cut above the rest - someone who would not falter no matter what the confrontation, hurdle or prospective bump in the road that is life. I sought out "trees" and - because clearly I couldn't take a full-sized tree into a hospital room I was looking for "baby" tress. I called each and every outfit locally looking for something small to take in and after looking for Bonsai trees and every imaginable "mini" tree, I defaulted to this morsel:

It was about half this size when I got it and had a card attached with it that said, "You sir, are an oak." Alas, all my intentions and shopping prowess were for naught - why? They wouldn't allow me to "take it inside the hospital." That's right. The guards stopped me at the reception desk and said I couldn't take it into the hospital. Are you kidding me with this? Since then, I've nursed this plant from "down-to-one-leaf" after leaving it in my car for almost 2 weeks, and it's grown to grand health and I'd like to keep it but - I've no idea what it is.

Do YOU know what this plant is and what I need to do to keep it alive for - as long as it will stay alive in proximity to my generally BLACK thumb? It's clearly growing out of its tiny base and I need to find a solution reasonably soon. Help me Blog Traffic Kenobi - you're my only hope!

A Special Box for Special K....

I have always been a fan of Special K.

Even before the original morphed into what is now a growing-cornucopia of differently-flavored flakes that make the senses reel, the white box with the distinctive RED LETTER K on it had a "special" place in my heart and appetite. Recently, while on a shopping run for tampons incredibly-manly, all-too-important to explain right now shopping needs, I felt the urge to replenish what was a now incredibly lightweight box of Special K: Fruit and Yogurt cereal in our kitchen cupboard.

As I walked past the recently-stocked aisles that held untold bounty I finally arrived at he familiar cereal aisle. A home not only to my favorite "special" cereal but to creatures of all shapes and sizes. There, next to the Frosted Sugar Flakes, was an originally large, but now for some reason LARGER area of Special K product. Lo, what have we here. I could get the USUAL box of Special K: Fruit and Yogurt for $3.55. Sure, it'd be the regular 12.8 ounce box that sustained our family for a time. But - what's this? Next to it is something new - a 17.5 ounce box - the FAMILY SIZE box of delicious and a key part of this breakfast experience Special K: Fruit and Yogurt!

Ah, not only would I come home with crunchy bounty for tomorrow's pre-work crunchfest, I'd come home with MORE of it for a mere $.13 extra! Momma would surely be happy and thank me for my thrifty purchase (and visit for late nite "needs"). What a DEAL! Thanks Kello--.

Wait a second.

IT DOESN'T FIT IN THE CUPBOARD! What kind of cruel joke is this? Momma cannot close the door to the cupboard with this box in it! Not only doesn't it fit in our common-sized cupboard (the box is too high!), but the sugar count went up three grams per helping? What kind of new devilry is this?

NUTS to You! It's the Squirrels I Tell Ya...

An old high school classmate of mine was recently commenting on the status of a very dead, decomposing Squirrel and as I was checking his Facebook status via my new cellphone/wundermachine I realized that I think I was jealous. Y'see, every couple of years, I have a variety of trees that surround my out-of-the-way home 25 minutes outside of St. Louis, Missouri. It's a short 10 minute shot to "anything" but I'm tucked away in a great little series of hills so that the traffic, the noise of life and the benefit of a one-way road allow some nice peace and quiet - regularly. The trade-out for that peace often comes with fur, feathers or eyes that glow in the dark. Whether it's my legendary tales of Woodpeckers, my watery-interaction with varmints of all kinds or - the raucous Family Squirrel Parties from 4 of the trees on my property, there's always a wild life experience to mingle with the wildlife. This week, the families of squirrels in my yard have been busy. Each and every morning I wake up, shower, prepare for work and head for one of our vehicles to find this picture:

What was a nice, clear, clean area is now once again tarnished with the empty, meatless shells of hazelnuts galore. If there is a piece of a nut you can imagine, it's on my driveway or in my backyard every day, regardless of how efficient a pressure-washer warrior I was the day before. They pluck the nut, the shuck the nut and dig in ravenously to ensure that each and every ounce of nutty goodness is either in their cheeks their tree-bound lairs or - as is presented here, in my driveway - thwarting a little 6-year-olds scooter path. BASTARDS!

And so the afternoon's watery duty begins anew. Brief is my triumphant reclamation of my driveway, because as I pack up each evening to pick up my wife from work - sure enough. There is a new series of nuts and even the smallest house-music playing from the trees above. It's coming from the leafy rooftop penthouses made of woodbark, leaves, branches and the growing bounty of nuts - that literally say "nuts to me" every two years.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

2GuysTalking: ScreenRant Style: Episode 1: Are YOU Blu-Raying Yet?

I've had a great time writing for ScreenRant.Com, and recently I've completed the first of many "2GuysTalking ScreenRant Style" Edition Podcasts. This first one takes you on an audio adventure asking YOU and your friends, "Blu-Ray: Is It Time to Make the Jump?" It's the first of many great "2GuysTalking: ScreenRant Style" Episodes and I hope YOU will chime in and tell me what YOU think!

Click Here to Listen to The 2GuysTalking: ScreenRant Style Episode 1:
"Blu-Ray: Is It Time to Make the Jump?"

Click here to subscribe to The 2GuysTalking Podcast via iTunes:

Click Here to Read the Original Article at ScreenRant.Com:

Click here to provide YOUR comments in this section at The ScreenRant.Com Website: