Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blink - Did I Just Read That? "Potty Humor..."

I have to tell you how interesting my lunch breaks have become recently. It's not because of the dandy brought-from-home vittles I've been taking part in, it's not the cool collective company of a new air conditioner at the workplace (yay!), it's what you read when you "open up the paper" while having a lunch break - and once again I have to say "Blink - Did I Just Read That?"

In a move that mystifies, Senator Larry Craig was recently charged with "disorderly conduct" when he apparently "signaled" to an undercover police officer that he was interested in engaging in "lewd conduct" which I'm going to assume is some sort of sexual act inside the restroom. Now there are several things that come to mind, and not the ones you might think of.

Why is there a regular plain clothes officer in the restroom? Answer: The venue has apparently been the focus of complaints in regard to people participating in sexual encounters and so they put in a roaming officer to see what's going on. Ok, I can understand that - but does anyone find that if this place is "busy" enough to generate complaints, that the good Senator might decide to tackle a different venue? There's dumb and then there's stupid. I wonder if he's been "pulled over" before and not ticketed? If so, why haven't we heard of that?

There are "signals" for wanting to engage in lewd sexual conduct? For those of you that are curious (and I know you ALL are!) you must simply read the report from the Sgt. on the scene. When I first started reading it I was thinking to myself it must be like a secret sect that uses a type of altered baseball-like signals or a kit-bashing of some type of Navy Semaphore! Read the report via the link below so that you too can be educated so that if you're in the stall and you happen to "witness any of the behaviors" you won't be left in the dark!

Is he done? In a world where superstars are the architects of heinous animal to-the-death fights, animal torture, irresponsible behavior, and every manner of "breaking the law" does someone like a Senator have a chance to "make a comeback?" I have to go with "no" on this one, and just as he's stepped away from Romney's Committee (Yikes! What's that going to do for him?), he'll step quietly into the strange good night that is post-political obscurity.

If it was with women would it have mattered? I hate to always come back to the Presidential Knobbing Incident of the last presidency, but had this been a WOMAN (though how would there be a multi-stall unisex bathroom? Are there any of those?) would this all be something way more academic? Would it be any less "of a problem" and just an old man trying to get his groove on rather than what it appears to be?

Let us know what YOU'RE thinking here in the comments system, be sure to read the complete report via CNN at the link below and thanks for visiting (eats more on his lunch break...)!

Link to Report on CNN.Com