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The Sopranos: Taking the Plunge! A Review of Episode 7

Greetings to everyone! In a week where the 2-hour 24 Finale is providing us with two weeks of work and jamming it into three short days, somethings gotta' give! In this case, The Sopranos live-blogging event took the back seat for me, but I'm proud to be able to log it into our TelevisionReviewBlogs.Com inventory now!

Read on below for more detail and remember that we're having a "Commentary Contest" which can earn you YOUR FAVORITE DVD Season of your your FAVORITE TV SHOW! All you have to do is... That's right! Just COMMENT! Each viable comment is an entry into a series of three drawings during the summer where you can win the aforementioned DVD set! Look for more details on that and START OFF by providing commentary to my Sopranos review of Episode 7, which I "swimmingly" call, "Taking the Plunge!" Enjoy!

Sopranos: The Reviews Continue!
Episode Review - Final Season, Episode 7 of The Sopranos
by Mike Wilkerson - 2GuysTalking.Com
A 2GuysTalking TelevisionReviewBlog.Com Review:

Ah, another Sunday and it's time for the Sopranos!! The rest that follows is a listing of random thoughts as they arrive inside my head and are then placed in to the categories provided below. Please feel free to chime in on any of them and be sure to tell your friends and family about our Commentary Contest!

========== BEWARE!! SPOILERS ABOUND! ==========

Bada-Bing! What It's Done Right:

-- Nothing Like the Smell of Roasting Asbestos in the Morning: The fact that the scene was slient except for ambient surroundings noise was an outstanding tribute to the destruction and mayhem that asbestos causes over the long term, but also to the trouble building to a boiling point inside of this episode.

-- Making Amends for One's Own Sins in One's Own Mind: The giving nature as depicted by Tony in this episode is striking, and serves to display that while he has a "big heart" and an even bigger wallet much of the time. it's often not without reason. While surely he wants to make things better for he and Carmela, his gifts that he continues to shower her with are just band aids on not only his open and bleeding relationship would with Carmela, but an attempt to bury the potential attention of his guilt over killing Chrissy and it really is beginning to escalate. I look forward to the next series of episodes to see how the writers will craft this and finish out what is an outstanding turn of events that was just generated last week, but feels like a much older symptomatic problem of Tony's. How to control and handle his actions and emotions over the long haul.

-- The Dreaded Envelope: We see a giant stack of bills handed over to Tony's guys and Bobby boldly says "don't you have an envelope?" While not only does an envelope make it much easier to carry money, especially in the amounts they're carrying, but also services as a cloak to picture taking so that they don't "get pinched for taking money." There is no law against "receiving an envelope with something in it." :) That it's noticed here and used as a device is very entertaining.

-- A Short Story About the Ending of the World: Ha! I know that at one time in my high school days, I followed and trumpeted causes like "Amnesty International" and things that "made your heart feeeeel goood," but as an adult I've learned that much of those causes is cloaked in politics and bureaucracy. I don't remember ever having the level of negativity that AJ has here in this episode, and while I've been negative many times, I doubt it can ever be said that I've had an apocalyptic view of the world - ever. That being said, it's interesting to see the point of view, the feelings and the guiding "document" that this story and the few things that set AJ off in this episode all tie into "the heart" and the "feeeelings" that people have and what they can or (in most cases) can't do to change their surroundings just because they"feel" something. While I can clearly remember the rallying cry that all things "good natured and best for society" can initiate, it also often fosters and leads to what is an overall negative view of just about anything/ Add that to the raging hormones (and in AJs case, experimental medications, booze, drugs, not getting laid, etc) and you have what is clearly a recipe for disaster, which we do see quite a bit of later in this episode.

-- The Blah-Blah Bada Bing Confessional and Tony's Tale of Drug Use: I am guessing, only from the episodes we've seen this season and previously, rather than personal mafia experience >koff< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">Bada Bing back room judgment in motion or them wondering EXACTLY WHAT I AM here!?

Tony's Al Quaeda Lead Paying Off? How how intimately funny it would be if the two "towelhead hodgies" turnout to be people that are at all involved with Al Quaeda. What do you think that the Feds would "give" Tony as reward for leading to something really special for these folks? The poker face put on by the agents inside of the deli is the stuff of legend. I say that they have a much larger pair of fish than probably we will ever find out.

-- The Meeting of the Minds: The lighting in the scene where they have Tony and Phil meet is the stuff of television legend. I'm not certain if it's because we've been graced with the larger than life, brilliant new HD television or because of the skill of the people putting this show together, but some of the greatest framed shots have come with THIS season of The Sopranos. This scene is no exception and provides delicious on-screen detail that can literally be eaten by any viewer. Additionally the quick, snappy, witty dialog (the Charles Schwaab comment - oh, delightful!) is the stuff of television dialog legend.

-- The War Starts with a Job Stoppage: The scene where Coco and his half-pint handler arrive at the job site is again the stuff of legend. The scene, the violence, the almost wanting to smile but can't white do it while this dude is being pummeled is something that captures the essence and value of The Sopranos and it sadly reminds me that in just two short hours, it's all over. I am EAGER to see how these two heavyweights will trade blows in the coming weeks and more importantly - who will preside at the end of mafia days.

-- The Lincoln Log Sandwich: It may be because I'm not a fan of Cream Cheese, but what the hell IS a Lincoln Log Sandwich? Looking it up online led me to a variety of Soprano review sites (HA!) but nothing skeletal about the make up of the aforementioned sandwiches. Can someone enlighten me? I'll have to post a link to that article All kinds of great Freud references and thinking there that - wow. I'm glad that guy can write that. I don't see much of that - just like the Lincoln Log Sandwiches.

-- The Block Goes Thud: For all intents and purposes this evening, I thought they were going to kill AJ. I can only imagine the literal "pool" of guilt that Tony would then be swimming in, literally, and what a strange family bookend to roll into a story-nested curveball. While they get almost to the edge here in this episode a few things really do deserve comment. The "THUD!" of the block hitting the bottom of the pool - AMAZING. I'm not sure if they used a different channel for that sound or what, but each time that it was lifted, and dropped, scooted brazenly across the pools floor or when arriving again on dry land, the sound of the block was outstanding and very influential in that scene. Another grand kudos to the actor that portrays AJ. Doing a legitimate scene like that today with the cynicism of today's audiences could have turned that entire scene into comedic farce and it was engaging, horrifying and somehow tender. Another congratulatory extension to the makeup crew of The Sopranos. I'm not certain that the actor that plays AJ is "that white" but goddamn - that boy is PALE in the scenes here and the contracts to Tony's skin color is remarkable.

-- My Happy Little Boy: Raise your hand if you've ever considered AJ a "happy little boy?" I am trying to think of any time for more than an instant or so where they actually show pride, jubilation, contentment or satisfaction for AJ in the series and -- I can't think of one moment at all. He has ALWAYS been kind of a familial male gene and habit experiment for the writers and directorial staff so, is it just Carm being "motherly" and guilty about "what's happened to her happy little boy" or am I missing a piece someplace?

-- The Return to 'Da Bing: Tony arrives back at the Bing to pass along knowledge of AJ's suicide attempt and not so surprisingly a striking number of the guys there too have had family commit or attempt to commit suicide. While all of this scene was outstanding, Paulie's comment in regard to "the fish and the mercury levels making kids want to jump off a fuckin' bridge" is priceless and while it comes off as "wrong" it was clearly Paulie's way of trying to cheer Tony up and help to "belay the guilt" he was feeling. Ha! Outstanding!

-- Rapscallion: The definition of this word only provides "A rascal, a scamp", which is too bad. I think it's an outstanding word and have heard 4 people use it this week. Clearly they are Sopranos viewers ;)

-- Eckley the Fuckin' Retard: Some of the most enjoyable times I can remember for The Sopranos is when Tony is regaling his family history/habits/trademarks. In this episode while in his therapy sessions he refers to "Eckley the Fuckin' Retard" and I just busted out laughing because I wonder to myself: What on EARTH does my family "know more for" and good grief: I certainly hope it's something more than that "I'm a fuckin' retard." Ha!! "You know, Cousin Mike, The Blog Literate." "You know, my nephew the podcasting fool." You know, my husband, the television show review writer." "You know, my father, the professional blog and review junkie." Colorful yet complimentary things like that. :)

-- The Dual Dynamic of Being the Godmother: They family dynamic of this show just simply is not matched on a variety of levels, both from an entertainment level and a VIOLENCE level. That it's on HBO gives it the latter, but folks - the WRITING is what gives it the former. The Sopranos gives great things like this scene with Carm, going to visit AJ and even though while Tony was a son-of-a-bitch to her at the house, she still is able to put Tony on a protective pedestal when going to visit and dialog with AJ and being able to give him hope in a time where he is being overridden by hopelessness Masterful writing. A tremendous effort and it's greatly appreciated.

-- Coco's Pursuasiveness and Menacing Laugh: They have truly created a guy that's asking for it, but creating a very worthwhile performance in doing it. Coco's entire demeanor in this scene is lightning-quick, but oh so masterful. When he verbally assaults Meadow in front of her boyfriend, and invades her personal space to boot - oh, legendary. As he departs the laugh is one of the most sinister, almost comic-book-like scoffings I've ever heard. Another outstanding effort to be sure.

-- The Counselors Debriefs: Yet another thing that will be missed when The Sopranos goes dark this year, is the Counselor Debriefing sessions with her male counselor. That we're not only privy to the unloading of Tony unto her in their sessions, but then also a literal fly on the wall in the room where SHE is being debriefed about his antics, his sessions and more is really the stuff of genius. I love this session and the attitude that both she and her make counterpart have in this scene.

-- Being Accosted at Yet Another Restaurant: As Tony springs into stop through the restaurant door, he exacts his almost murderous rage out on Coco, who will be chewing a lot of soft food for a very long time. It makes me remember allll of the mafia-related movies that I've seen and makes me wonder: Is it just that restaurants are "out in the open" that people are "hit" at them or because it's a "stage" for the assailants? In any case, those of you in the mafia, beware when wandering into, while eating or exiting a fine restaurant of any kind. Your manicotti may just be the appetizer for a stomach fulla' lead.

-- The Super Dooper Nephew from Florida Arrives: In an effort to broker a peace via a worthwhile apology, Carmine arrives to usher Tony over to Phil's place to get the dialog going and immediately gets a door in the face, so to speak. As both Tony and Carmine leave the home, you can hear Phil talking to them but is unseen and if that's not symbolism, then folks? I don't know what is. Prepare to be blindsided in the next 2 hours!

-- Butch's GOONEY EYE! What the hell is UP WITH THAT??? I hadn't noticed previously but Butch has an almost sideways Marty Feldman-like eye going on there! When did that happen?

-- The Empty Pizza Box: Tony brings in a pizza for AJ, but folks: The box is EMPTY. Couldn't they stick some paper or something in there to give it some weight Give it a review on your Tivos and tell me if you don't see the same thing there.

-- GENIUS-LEVEL Trailers: Again, my compliments to the staff that create and provide the brilliance of the Sopranos trailer/previews each week. They are exciting, exhilarating, yet almost completely un-informing as to what's going to happen next week and it's appreciated! 24 trailer/preview makers take note!

What's Been Whacked/Sleeps with the Fishes:

-- Gooney Ending: This episode was a close to a perfect episode of "The Sopranos" as they've made in this short season and all of last season, except for the flat ending. Barring that, this was one of the best episodes I can remember for The Sopranos. It was like hitting a 400ft ground-rule double.

-- Only 2 Episodes Left! Oh, can you BELIEVE IT! Only 2 episodes left to go and then it's all over! What on Earth can they pull out of the hat to tie the loose ends and make it all "worthwhile"? I'm completely unsure, but I'm also completely ready to see it.

-- In two weeks Dammit! I can't believe I've gotta' wait 14 weeks for the first of the last two episodes! Who wrote THAT into scheduling??

'Da Rest of 'Da Story: (9/10 upside-down guns) Again, this was as close as it gets to being the best episode of the season. The family introspective, all of the characters - good and bad firing on all thrusters, the drama and pain of guilt, the excitement of new beginnings that make our minds reel. The violence that has it's place here not only in this show but on HBO. it's a great episode and one that you can not miss.

What do YOU think? Tell us what YOU think and be entered into the drawing for YOUR favorite DVD Season of YOUR FAVORITE Television Show!

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24 - Episode 21 Reviewed!

2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast Reviews Season 6
Episode 21 Hours 2-3am
May 12th, 2007 Running Time: 1hr 30min.
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Mike and Brian review the 21st episode of season 6 of the hit Fox show "24" showcasing yet another assault and takeover of the not-so-impregnable fortress we call CTU! We're still giving a way a Jack's ManPurse, and hope you'll take the time to register for the contest and send us feedback!!

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Hi, I'm __insert CTU character name__: Wanna' Hump?

In several other message board/forum systems the question is being asked already:

"Did "24" SUCK this season? What do you think?"

My one-word answer for the description of this season in general is "disjointed."

Never before have we had so many different pieces floating around, that never come together to form something solid, and it has not only hurt the "show" but it's hurt the most important piece of what is 24 fandom - the viewers. Only a few shows have the "honor" of being on the top 20 all of their run on television, and last week? You guessed it:

24 wasn't even on the Top 20 shows last week.

You have to write smarter, you have to write with respect to the viewers and my most vital survival comment this week on our 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast:

24 MUST find a way to write for us, more intelligently, in a way that takes out the hallmark "SOAP OPERA-esque" crap out of it. There has to be smart writing that allows our characters to interact without thinking that they all want to go into a corner and hump or be jealous that someone else is doing the same thing every time we see them. it's sickening and MUST STOP for 24 to survive.

What do YOU think? Are you ready for some smart, intelligent, engaging writing? I know I am.

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The Power of The Shield

BigOrangeMichael and I have been bantering in comment systems and privately for weeks about the level of quality that The Shield is presenting this year, and folks - it is just so far above everything else out there that it is almost beyond description. I have two pieces of information in my post here - first a quick review of the pieces of the apparent power of what is pound-for-pound the best television series on the air currently, and then a grand announcement in regard to the review of that show, a new partnership and some great surprises for the Summer.

First up: The Review of The Pieces of Power of: The Shield:

I have been a devoted fan of "The Shield" since I stumbled over it, literally, while looking for an encore presentation of "24" now 6 years ago. It was something that I have been watching on and off for the first year, and during it's second year, I have the privilege of moving to my current new home, where I had a new satellite system installed, which availed the power of DVR (digital video recording, originally the "DISH" kind, then Tivo, and now with HD, DirecTV's version) which enabled me to record whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and to be able to watch it anytime I wanted. Ahh, the power of technology.

Since then, the 10 season episodes of "The Shield" have done nothing but challenge every boundary, stretch every "hallmark hallway", stir the feelings of viewers of all kinds (including my wife, my father, my in-laws - hell, anyone that I can infect) with story tracks that challenge any modern-day rollercoaster, and simply bring the biggest, baddest and most curiously-talented and twisted actors into a light that simply cannot be matched.

While I talk about the infection of The Shield onto my family, it's strange, because the Strike Team that appears inside The Shield (led by series star and Emmy-award Winner, Michael Chiklis) also provides what is the foundation strings of a family that will do, not do, say, and not say anything so that the good of the many outweigh the good of the one (strange how all things good somehow stretch to that STAR TREK-inspired saying). The Team is the family, and like a gold-badge-emblazened family of mafia brothers, The Strike Team has dodged every bullet imaginable - literally.

When you mix in the stories of a twisted political councilman, the stories of cops and detectives that have been on and around the same people for so long they can almost have complete conversations for you solo, along with a completely-against-time/commercial break/formula show, it is hard to deny that The Shield holds the virtual television show championship belt, with no sign of being conquered.

Case in point: Lem, a longtime Strike Team family member, was killed -- by a grenade at the end of last season -- by one of the other family members because that member thought that Lem was going to snitch on The Team and send them all up the river, thereby destroying not only The Strike Team family, but also everyone's "other", real family. Shane has been dealing with that truth for the last 5 episodes and in this episode seems to have come to grips after confessing his true familial divorce to his wife who is 4 months pregnant. While this may seem the "most important" piece and storyline inside of this episode, it's not. The Shield is able to weave a vast, entertaining and character/series lore-laden pattern that is just so completely engaging, that I have often hoped that The Shield writers would have some tea & crumpets with the "24" writers in an effort to spill some of their talent and ideas on them for next year's Season Seven that simply needs to not suck.

While it would take much longer to detail other lines inside of tonite's episode, it's easier to fast-forward to the last 12 minutes of the episode. Here, we find that after reading a report that has finally been processed, Chiklis' character, The Strike Team's patriarch, Vic Mackey suddenly realizes that Shane, his career long partner in (often literal) crime KILLED/EVISCERATED/BLEW UP LEM WITH A GODDAMN GRENADE.

Fans of the show have been envisioning this confrontation for months, and NEVER in a million years would I have thought the scene would come to the satisfying, relationship-altering, crying but-not-sure why showcase of power, passion and verbal pugilism that is thrust forward from Vic and Shane. It is moving, it is haunting, and it IS one of the most powerful silent modern Shakespearean featurettes inside a series I have ever seen. If you have to see one series this season, and have to kill interest in another, The Shield is that series.

As I wipe a tear that stirs from the remainder of what I've just seen in tonite's episode, the corners of my mouth turn upward with thought of a grand announcement that I want to share with everyone.

Shane is innocent - I killed Lem with the grenade.

Just kidding - nothing nearly that dramatic, but very exciting!

Second: The Potential and Power of Overcasting - From Overcasting Media:

I'm happy to announce a future partnership beginning this summer with a company called "Overcasting Media" that will be offering an innovative software that will allow you to author your own podcasted DVD feature-like track and sync it with any of your favorite shows that you have downloaded from a variety of media centers.

With the support of the software, I will be formally reviewing this, the 6th Season of "The Shield" from start to finish this summer with high hopes of finishing the season in real-time for The Shield finale in late-June this year.

It's something that will be very special, and provide yet another very strong partnership for the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network, as well as make yet another services that we'll be able to showcase via our network.

Look for more details on that, and remember - there is one series that you cannot miss for the Summer of 2007, and that series is "The Shield".

The Shield appears Tuesdays at 8pm/Central, and is available from a variety of online sources (PERFECT to catch up, and get in line for the formal reviews coming up later this month!) including Amazon's Unbox, Apple's iTunes, and (unofficially) from your friends and family with digital video recorders!

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The Sopranos: Walnuts & Donuts & Dead Writers - Oh My!

Sopranos: The Reviews Continue!
Episode Review - Final Season, Episode 5 of The Sopranos by Mike Wilkerson - 2GuysTalking.Com
A 2GuysTalking TelevisionReviewBlog.Com Review:

Ah, another Sunday and it's time for the Sopranos!! The rest that follows is a listing of random thoughts as they arrive inside my head and are then placed in to the categories provided below. Please feel free to chime in on any of them and again, remember that you can refresh your browser window at any time to see the updates as they go by this evening!

Bada-Bing! What It's Done Right:

-- Ahh, The Feds: Tony decides to turn in the "Arabians" who used to be in Bada Bing and they've "disappeared" and have now been seen witht he "whole Fundamental bit." Another episode where Tony leads with this "heart" - any idea what he might be doing this week? Any chance that they'll play a terror card this season? Giggle.

-- AJ's Profile: Is it just me or is AJ very handsome and can really have a dandy acting career? Will there be life after being whiny unsuccessful AJ? I can't wait to see him spread his wings when the show is done. Thoughts anyone?

-- Tag-team Parenting: I dated a girl in high school that had parents that would "tag team" parents not too unlike what Carm and Tony do in this episode, the only difference is that they weren't the mafia being portrayed on a television show. Did any of you ever have this experience?

-- Meadow Caring: I've been trying to figure out Meadow for the years I've been watching this program and I am still wondering. Is she going to college? Is she living at home and going to school and going to college? Is she just "living at home?" What in the hell is she doing? It's great that she's around to witness AJ's continual descent into lower mediocrity, but just what is her story?

-- It's A Jerk Off: Ahh, Counseling: While I've never been in it "for me" I have interpreted untold numbers of counseling sessions, and only a very few times have I ever felt that the Dr.s were providing what was a "jerk off" level of service. It's funny as the session goes along, Tony suddenly understands the value of the seat that he's sitting in while he's blaming the kind doctor as he dialogs about his "gift" to his son.

-- Swearing in an AA Session: Again, haven't ever nor will ever be in one "for me" but have interpreted tons lots of AA meetings. The swearing part was discouraged in most of them but Chrissy here lights the night fantastic with all kinds of colorful language. Interesting.

-- Chrissy Spilling the Beans: "She was out of my life!" Chrissy is using his fellow AA-goer to cry on his shoulder and boy: It smells all kinda' wrong. Is he a Fed, cop, trouble-maker?

-- "Ahh, welcome to my office, here's your RX." Oh, yet another doctor that listens for all of 7 minutes, and then instantly heads for the RX pad. Unbelievable. See more below where we talk about Tony's encouragement to go "drink and get laid" and the new prescription.

-- Walnuts & Donuts: Oh, my: Being the keeper of the cost of landscaping and saving money to get some rather significant things done, this piece inside this episode is the stuff of nightmares. When I saw Paulie Walnuts car bounding into the lawn, I really did think there would be a "family" death in the near future. But - I'll tell you: I'd have liked to have been the stunt driver for this day. There were many people when I was a kid that could have used a good driving-through in something other than a bicycle. :) I was also amazed at the stark reconciliation when Chrissy goes to Paulie at the party.

-- The Stones and Your Family Name: This isn't the first time that "friends" have used AJ's "name" to put the pressure on loser's stones. I am certain it won't be the last. The acid incident actually reminds me of something I read in a newspaper years ago - it might have even been something mafia related, do you remember reading something like that several years ago? It's strange: I'm trying to imagine a parent that "pays that kind of money" to send someone to a college that high up not care about how the "acid ate away the flesh from my son's foot."

-- Alcohol and Prescription Drugs: Granted, neither of them are model parents, but both Carm and Tony are sadly and ridiculously familiar with what happens when you mix alcohol (especially hard alcohol) and prescription drugs. Tony's thinking that booze is somehow a good thing at all for someone that might/is suicidal is idiot level logic. How sad would it be if he eventually has a hand in his own son's death?

-- The Slo-Mo Laugh; Never a Good Thing: Regardless of whether it's a comedy, a romantic-drama, or even one of the best shows HBO has had on television for 8 years, the "slo-mo laugh" is the bellwether of doom, folks. When I saw it here in the bar after Chrissy is trying to convey his feelings for his family and the pride and joy they give him after the joke-grenades start getting thrown - I thought surely that he'd be drawing down.

-- Daly Work: Ahhhh, finally the murder de jour. I would have never thought that I would see Tim Daly die in this show - honestly. I also would have never expected Chrissy to be the one to shoot him either. This scene is something I would show to someone to help convey why the show is and has been a hit - it is electrifying, uncomfortable, but the inevitable path of abuse that so many fail to understand, when it's intertwined with the mob and the atmosphere it creates. That Chris can still even in a drunken stupor go into undetectable mode when leaving the crime scene by putting a cuff over his hand to close the door is one of those hidden nods to the complexity of the character, and the "default killer nature" that dwells within him.

-- Nothing a Murder and a Tree-straightening Can't Fix: The "mob movie flavor" of this evening's closing sequence is the stuff of legend. These little scenarios when you see someone complete a heinous act, then go literally back to "their life" and begin to re-interact with the "normalcy" of what their "other time" consists of - I LOVE it. They've finally begun to return Chris to where I can remember legendary Sopranos episodes being generated. Will they leave him here? Will they try to insert the net of potential sobriety in the 4 remaining episodes? That's again a great question that weaves a new patch into the quilt of The Sopranos.

What's Been Whacked/Sleeps with the Fishes:

-- Oh the Humanity of 4 Episodes: Can you believe that there are only 4 episodes left this season and in the series? I was trying to explain to someone recently how I don't see how on Earth "24" can provide us with something worthwhile after a very mediocre season, and they even have more seasons coming. So imagine my fright when I wonder: Wow - how are they going to wrap this up and keep it completely entertaining for 4 episodes as they finish out the series?

'Da Rest of 'Da Story: (8/10 upside-down guns) This was an outstanding episode of The Sopranos, providing me with meat portion of my weekly meal as they roll Chrissy back into a role that we're very familiar with, and rounds out my plate of usual mob-related activity. It also leaves me eager to see what's going to happen with the rest of this last season with a preview that could teach a lot of other shows how to make a preview. Just enough to tantalize, but NOTHING to ruin, suck the surprise from, or bold, unabashed spoilers! Bravo!

What do YOU think?