Monday, July 31, 2006

Ahh, a Dip in the Ocean... PERHAPS NOT!

I have been swimming in the ocean a handful of times, in visits to Florida with my wife prior to my daughter being born. It was during a fantastic and very memorable time to a place I still hold dear to this day: The Inn at Cocoa Beach which is just a stone's throw from another place that is magical for me - no, not Disney Land -- Cape Canaveral. My wife and I have at a couple of times in the last 10 years, considered moving closer to those places if not in them because they just hold so much satisfaction for us. The people, the surroundings, the "stuff" that is available to see within an hours drive - amazing.

Sadly, the cost of living and job availability in general there has quashed those interests during that same period of time - but the fact remains - those places are STILL special, as is the ocean and all it's mysteries.

Speaking of mysteries, I saw an article this evening that I thought would interest most. The single most eye-widening phrase in the article?

"SWIMMERS taking a single mouthful of seawater could be swallowing as many as 1,000 kinds of bacteria, according to new research."

Now, granted, if you didn't already know it, your stomach, in fact your entire body, is FULL of bacteria, both good and bad. Everyone's hope is to keep those good and bad bacteria in balance, but who knows, right? What do you think about swimming in what is literally (and remember, always HAS BEEN) a giant puddle of bacteria?

I'll bet this little article will make your next dip in the Earth's oceans a bit more entertaining.

Fanning the Flames of Dakota Hatred...

Be sure to stop over at my Mike's Movies Entertainment blog to chime in about Dakota Fanning's recent publicity announcement in regard to her upcoming "child rape" Oscar Bid opportunity. Yet another reason to not like her/not understand her.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An Extraordinary Independence Day... 2006

For those of you that had a hum-drum July 4th this year, there were MANY things to help encourage you to have a fuller glass than usual. Consider:

-- The Space Shuttle Discovery Launch: I believe, and have since the series "From the Earth to the Moon" was released, that the remedy for a case of "Idontgiveashititis" is considering the life's work of an Astronaut. Whenever something is in doubt, or I'm feeling a little ho-hum and contemplating a half glass approach to my day, I always remember cool things like the goals set and achieved during America's space program. Today, July 4th, 2006, we were graced with the unmitigatedly true launch of our Space Shuttle Discovery. I don't have the words to describe what a launch means to me in general, but I liken it to the 10-20 minutes after the birth of my daughter when it finally sets in that this is IMPORTANT.

I wonder what the chances of us having a Shuttle launch EVERY 4th of July are? What a fantastic achievement to stand on and exclaim that this is our Independence day.

-- Roger Ebert's Condition: I have, for more than 20 years trusted this man to bring me entertainment that I will always use when considering DVD buys, theater visits and information about entertainment in general. While I don't always agree with him, he is able to continually give me information, perspective, and insight that helps me to understand his position on entertainment and I am eternally grateful for it. In a sad turn of circumstances, he had some complications after his surgery to remove another growth from his salivary gland this weekend, and was rushed into emergency surgery. He is currently in stable condition, and for a stubborn bird like Ebert, that means he's well into the clear. All my hopes, Roger. Someone's gotta' continue to help make Roeper's head smaller.

-- Fireworks: This is the first year that my three year old really got interested in Fireworks. It think last year the sound (though we were pretty far away) made it a little unnerving. This year there were many "woooow"s and "whasssat?"s wondering what the sounds and fizzles were. She is truly the light on which I power my continuation as a person in this world and I am so thankful I have her. She, not unlike Ebert, helps to give me perspective in a world that continually offers barriers. With out my inspirations, it would be very easy to be overcome.

-- Podcast Contest Details/Graphics: I have been working with a great friend and partner, Brian Sirimaturos, on a project since early February this year that has just grown and exploded to epic proportions. It's a series of podcasts that have become the cornerstone for a contest we're holding to collect and inspire new talent in the podcast realm called the "I Hear Your Podcast Contest." Over the next two weeks we are inviting anyone that's ever thought about talking to masses of people to do just that and send it to us. We'll search throughout the ideas and samples provided and then offer the winner of a series of votes a fall showcase spot on our network to ride the growing wave of talent we've initiated. I've dont a lot of work on it this weekend and plant to continue that and the pace until Friday morning when I return to work after the long july 4th holiday. Check out the website at for more details and consider being a part of something special. I really do feel right on the verge of something HUGE happening with our 2GuysTalking endeavour.

And so ends another July 4th, with good friends, beloved family, and inspiration to last at least until the next holiday vacation. Look for more blogs here and be sure to chime in with your thoughts! We don't get them NEARLY enough!